Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: Donations, donations, donations! We are beginning to receive offers of books, DVDs and CDs which will be given to us as soon as the library service has a date. Filling the gap left by the withdrawal of the Mobile Library Service in May is perhaps not as hard as we thought. The range of books on offer may not quite match its predecessor but we are getting there. Times of opening are the issue at the moment as we have had no feedback on what works for you, its patrons. Morning, afternoon or early evening; once a week, once a fortnight, once a month?Should it stay open for 20 mins, an hour, two hours or more? Such a lot goes into getting the right balance. That is why we need your help. Come on, let us know. Details at the end of the column as to how to get in touch. Please take two minutes and let us know.

Netherfield School of Rock: Well not quite, but a chance for the young and the young at heart in Netherfield to get to know how to work equipment that is used in Djing, broadcasting and the media. We have managed to obtain some “hardware”, such as a mixing desk, speakers, CD players which allow tricks to be performed with the music and some rather nice amplifiers. These will not only help with playing music at Village Hall functions, but with the “lighting” we already have, make up almost the perfect DJ set-up. We would like to allow this to be used as a basic introduction to those who want to get involved in this part of the music business. If you want to be the next “Fat Boy Slim” now’s the time. Contact details below. Yea man!

Netherfield and Battle Radio: Don’t you want a radio in Netherfield? This project like all the others is an initiative to enhance living in the community, not only of Netherfield, but Battle and Mountfield as well. We need your help to make it a reality. It is there primarily to inform the residents and the community as a whole, of what is happening in their area. Fetes, galas, book clubs, jumble sales and all the other town and village functions that make living worth while.

Let us have your comments and opinions. It will be self-supporting so will not be a drain on your purse. It would be sited in Netherfield to provide the best coverage and could widen the listening capability to some of the surrounding villages. It would provide a platform from which to promote and advertise. Interviews and items of special interest could be a mainstay. Tell me what you think by contacting me at or any of the alternatives highlighted at the end of the column.

Netherfield Village Fete: Saturday 18th August 2018 has been set for the annual village fete. There will be all the usual stalls and things to do to make this a great occasion and I am negotiating with the weather as we speak to guarantee sun and heat for the day. Wish me luck with that one. More details regarding the attractions as they become available.

Reflections on a garden: This prolonged good weather has played havoc with the plants and shrubs in the garden. Potential water shortages, if it continues, have caused a dilemma. Do you spray and damn the expense or show a mature attitude and let nature take its course? We have been told that “stressing” plants, such as withholding water, helps to increase their flowering potential, which seems to be counter-intuitive when I analyse that statement. However, when we view our rhododendrons, as the leaves droop lower and lower, we think that we will lose hem if we don’t act. Our water-butts are nearly empty, so the natural source of water has all but gone and the few drops that have fallen so far this summer, which have laughingly been called a shower on the TV Weather Forecast, does not fill the gap.

My good lady and I have entered the cut and thrust world of competition this week. On Tuesday we were assessed in the Battle in Bloom competition. As I write this prior to the assessment I am unable to divulge what the procedure is as, at the moment, I really don’t know, having never entered before. Unfortunately, I have already highlighted the difficulties we are experiencing in the garden due to the heat and “bloom” is perhaps not the best terminology for the overall garden experience. Oh well, c’est la vie.

The harvests of produce from the vegetable garden this year are already giving us an abundance of food. The peas are sweet and succulent, the courgettes straight, firm and delicious, well we think so anyway. Our greens, spinach, kale and cavolo nero are inundating us with succulent green leaves in many shades of that fantastic colour. This year too, they do not seem to be attacked by slugs, snails and puppy dogs tails... sorry I mean caterpillars as they usually are, which can be disheartening given all the work my good lady expends in getting them to this point. I am the muscle when it comes to the vegetable patch as not considered to have the magic touch when it comes to planting and finally pulling the resultant harvest off the stalks, or digging up the potatoes without skewering a few. However, I am told I am the king of the compost heap.

More next week........

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Having had a late Sunday night when friends came around to dinner, I noticed when I arrived at the Centre this week, my usual get up and go had gone. I thought it must be a manifestation of working in the sun trying to get the garden looking presentable and not the extra glass of Pinot Grigio that seemed to be placed in front of my empty hand. I must stop myself doing that.

There were ten of us overall, or 9 and a bit with me as the evening went on. Ben managed a record this week. Yes, it’s true, he was there two weeks in a row. We all congratulated him on his dedication and sang for he’s a jolly good fellow. Anyway, back to the serious business. The heat in the hall was again pretty intense this week. Even the games that two people sat out of, did not give the respite one needs to recharge the batteries following games that seemed to get more intense every week. I guess that playing together so often, does give you an insight into other player’s weaknesses and therefore you are able to use that to enhance your own game.

I managed an hour and then realised that I was not helping myself or all the partners I was getting, as I did not seem to be winning any games at all. I therefore left early so can’t give my usual titbits on the players as I usually do.

More next week.

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