All Day Tea and Cakes Event: Netherfield Village Post Office: On Saturday 11 August 2018 between 11am and 9pm there will be an “All Day Tea & Cakes” event at the Netherfield Village Stores and Cafe which is situated by the green. It is being organised by Janette and her team in aid of “St Michael’s Hospice” and the “MacMillan Cancer Support”. Just think, a hot cup of Cha and a smidge of Chocolate around your mouth, what could be better? Please call in if you are in the vicinity and give your support. It will also include a raffle and tombola so you could be lucky too.

Netherfield Village Fete: Not long to go now for the annual Netherfield Village fete, which takes place on Saturday 18th August 2018. Just come along and enjoy all the attractions at the,Playing Fields next door to the Village Hall. I can confirm there will be a bouncy castle known as the “assault course”, the appearance of a local Fire Engine and lots of hoses, a Police Car with all the gadgets, a Dog Show, care of Pam Taylor Professional Dog Show organiser, face painting for the children, a golden bucket lucky dip, spin the bottle, hook a duck, name the Teddy as well as a host of other attractions such as a Tug of War for the Ron White Trophy. There will be Hot dogs and burgers on sale as well as a Raffle, . It all starts at 2.00pm so not long to go, playmates!

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: I am hoping that the Library will open for business on Thursday 23rd August at 1 o’clock or 13.00 hours in modern parlance. Whilst in the initial stages the range might be limited, we are hoping that you will come along and browse and if nothing else, make yourself known and tell us what books you would like to see. It will be open at the start for at least an hour and there will be facilities for you to sit and read or browse. Your original library ticket will be valid from the outset. There might also be tea and coffee. We are still looking for more bookcases and books and would welcome any offers which we are happy to collect. We hope to offer a large range of topics and genres as we progress and get more offers, so please bear with us. Last week we asked for suggestions on times of opening so keep your suggestions coming. Details at the end of the column as to how to get in touch. Please take two minutes to inform us.

Natherfield Jumble Sale: Saturday 1st September is the time to put in your diary. The sale of bric-a-brac and the odd antique will once again be on offer for those who like a good rummage. Entrance is only 50p and will begin in the afternoon. More details next week.

The Messenger: The Parish Magazine is on sale each month, costing 50p. It is full of articles on local villages including Netherfield and has a wealth of information on businesses within the local area. If you wish to order a copy call Gillian Slack. 01424 838825.

Netherfield School of Rock: Are you a budding DJ? You soon will be able to show us what you are made of at the Netherfield Rocker’s Revenge. Learning how to use equipment used on the radio,including fading and getting a track “on cue” will be taught. Are you the next “Fat Boy Slim” of “Fat Girl Slim” for that matter?

Netherfield and Battle Radio: Come on everyone, help me out here. Tell me what you think by contacting me at or any of the alternatives highlighted at the end of the column.

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Our leader Roy, has been in the wars yet again. A trip to the Conquest Hospital was needed to to his competition with a rose thorn, which he lost. This happened just before he arrived at Claverham and he was in and out of A&E in half an hour, a record I warrant. It was ok though as the damage was done to his left hand and he is right handed. Not that you would notice the difference when he is playing. Just joking.

Our number of attendees this week was again eleven. That has a significance in that it is the highest summer attendance I can remember for many years, but it does have its down side due to three players been unable to participate in every game. Oh well, you can’t have it all. Mind you with this heat it was probably just as well.

More next week......

Reflections on a garden: It would seem that the need for additions to our feathered friend’s diets has remained unabated for some weeks now. I guess with the baking temperatures, which have caused the ground to become unyielding, their normal source of food has been severely restricted. Normally, blackbirds and thrushes are constantly surveying the grass for invertebrates and insects. The only time this happens now is when a partially ripe apple has fallen and they pounce on it for sustenance. Pet shops and their seed and fatball banks are probably relishing the extra sales made by concerned twitchers, such as my good lady and I, who can’t bear to see newly fledged birds go without. We have only seen one fatality this year of a small blue tit, which had passed away for no apparent reason, as there were no marks to indicate any attempt at predation.

I suppose one of the unforeseen benefits is also the lack of mowing that is required to keep the lawns in shape. In the last few weeks I have only had to do it once. That saves on petrol I guess but does restrict the levels of composting that takes place at this time of year, which we will only feel the effect of in three to four years time when our stocks are sadly depleted. Such is life.

More next week........

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