All Day Tea and Cakes Event – Netherfield Village Post Office: As promised, here is the official report from the Village Post Office & Cafe: Netherfield Cafe raised £350 for MacMillan Cancer Support and St Michael’s Hospice. Wow! How did they do it? They held a coffee morning and BBQ, the first of many charity fund raisers that Netherfield Cafe will hold in the coming months. Villagers made 18 cakes that were sold alongside coffee and tea. There was also a bbq in the evening offering burgers, bacon and hot dogs.

The children played on games such as tombola to keep them amused and were also able to pet some Owls brought along by Sarah Garlic. Prizes were donated for the raffle by local villagers and businesses such as White House Eggs, Netherfield Arms, Netherfield Cafe, the White Hart, Crouches Butchers and Northiam Dairies. Netherfield Cafe would like to thank everyone for their support. It was a fun, enjoyable day for all those that attended. The next event is a BBQ and live music on Friday 31st August followed by MacMillan’s World’s Largest Coffee Morning on 28th September. Thank you to everyone for your time and help. If you have any questions please get in touch on the contact points offered below.


Netherfield Village Fete: It was cloudy, breezy and a little bit colder than we have been used to recently for the staging of this year’s annual Netherfield Village fete. I think that had a slight affect on the numbers who attended on Saturday 18th August 2018 but it did not dampen their enthusiasm. The small bouncy castle was tested to its limits by the youngest members of the audience, but the bigger one, known as the “assault course”certainly tested the agility and staying power of the older children who came to put it through its paces. It must have been about 50 feet long and about 20 feet high. It looked scary. Some of the youngsters and their minders, known as parents, took advantage of being able to handle and clamber over, a local Fire Engine. It is surprising just how much equipment these guardians of our safety have to carry to any of the incidents they are called to.

The Dog Show, care of Pam Taylor, a Professional Dog Show organiser, was a big hit with the audience. There were 9 Classes of competition in the Dog Show Arena, from “Best Puppy (6-12 months) – Winner: Lucky, to a Dog Judge Would Like To Take Home.- Winner: Alfie. The other categories were Best Pedigree – Winner: Magic who also won Best Veteran (Over 7 years); Most Handsome Dog; Winner: Ted, Prettiest Bitch – Winner; Star, Waggiest Tail – Winner; Billy, Most Appealing Eyes – Winner; Alfie, Best Junior Handler (Under 12 years) – Winner; Caitlin with her dog Lucky, and finally The Best in Show – Winner; Ted and the Runner Up – Winner; Magic. Red and blue rosettes were given out to the winners and runners up to signify their success.

In addition there was face painting for the children, a golden bucket lucky dip which produced a £30 prize for the winner, spin the bottle with wine and other beverages as the prizes on offer, hook a duck, a merry-go-round as well as a host of other attractions. There was also the annual Tug-of-War for the Ron White Trophy which this year saw teams of both men and women fighting for a place in history. . Music through the day was provided by the Village Hall’s own Sound System which had recently been acquired due to the continuing support of our community and the live music in the evening which started at 7.00pm went down a storm, with people up dancing the night away. Even the chill which came upon us, requiring a jumper or two failed to dampen the enthusiasm of everyone who was there. The profits from the day will help repair and repaint the Village Hall in the very near future. Thank you everyone for your support.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: Not long to go now. The library will open its doors for its first day of service on Wednesday 29th August. It will start at 2 o’clock or 14.00 hours, for approximately 2 hours. Whilst we have a diverse range of books to read, it will be limited to begin with. We hope you will come along and browse and if nothing else, make yourself known and tell us what books you would like to see. Your original library ticket will be valid from the outset until we get organised. There might also be tea and coffee. We are still looking for more bookcases and books and would welcome any offers which we are happy to collect. We hope to offer a larger range of topics and genres as we progress and get more offers, so please bear with us. Details at the end of the column as to how to get in touch if you have some donations. Please take two minutes to inform us.

Natherfield Jumble Sale: Saturday 1st September is when the bargains will be available, well a jumble extravaganza anyway. Bric-a-brac and the odd antique will once again be on offer for those who like a good rummage. Entrance is only 50p and will begin in the afternoon at 2.00pm.

The Messenger: The Parish Magazine is on sale each month, costing 50p. It is full of articles on local villages including Netherfield and has a wealth of information on businesses within the local area. If you wish to order a copy call Gillian Slack. 01424 838825.

Netherfield and Battle Radio: Come on everyone, help me out here. Tell me what you think by contacting me at or any of the alternatives highlighted at the end of the column.

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: When someone gives up a sport for a considerable period of time because of legitimate employment or domestic pressures there is always a large gap that appears the longer a return is delayed. Techniques, physicality, equipment standards and administrative values change in the intervening years and these grow to form barriers which a returnee needs to overcome before they can achieve their ultimate goal of having a good game. At the Monday Badminton Club we are aware of and actively encourage a returnee to achieve their goals. The game is what it is all about and the camaraderie is what results from that commitment to try and recapture a player’s past enthusiasm and “expertise”.

The reason I mention this rather dry and some would say formal subject is that being a long-ago player is not a barrier to attending the club. It just means that your contribution may not match your expectations in the beginning and this can cause feelings that you may not be able to contribute in the way you would wish. There are always people there who can help you improve your game. What we are looking for is commitment on a regular basis to the club, male or female. Therefore, if you feel you would like to give it a go, come along.

It is holiday time and so only six of us crossed the carpet of anticipation into the hallowed Halls of Claverham to begin their weekly sojourn in trying to thrash the pants off their opponents, metaphorically speaking of course. This meant that a singles match could also take place at the same time as the doubles. An unusual event to say the least. For my own part my game was certainly out of kilter with my expectations and I was constantly missing shots or putting them wide. I blame my glasses of course and the fact that the lights were too bright but I guess I was just having an off-day or the opposition is now better than I am at playing the game. Surely it can’t be that? Don’t keep calling me Shirley.

More next week......

Reflections on a garden: Our apples this year have been soaking up the punishment inflicted by the hot dry weather, rather than the rainfall which has not been dropping. We therefore have apples that have begun to look like apples, with bright red or green apple-like skins, but don’t match the size of apples that would be considered to be a decent buy in a supermarket that sold apples. Have you managed to stay with me on that one? Our apples are, unfortunately, about the size of Golf balls. In fact one of our trees has given up the annual production of fruit in favour of non-compliance. I have threatened it with logging, firewood production and making it into a sculpture with a chainsaw, all to no avail. I must be getting a bit rus(se)ty in my approach. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the Winter is likely to be a fun time. The apples are also very prone to dropping off this year with the slightest puff of wind. Normally, that stage of their life is a little later in the season. Is this the shape of things to come?

The acers in the garden are also feeling the effects of the long dry spell. The leaves have become brittle, curly and dry, like a piece of flimsy parchment. Whilst it is still holding its shape, it does not have that look of vibrancy that was always a feature of our acers, at this time of year. I guess they will recover and brighten our lives once again next year. Mind you I have to move one of the trees from the acer bed as it has grown about 4 feet this year, both up and sideways. This means we must put it in a boundary location where it can protect us against future changes to our circumstances.

More next week........

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