Netherfield news
Netherfield news

A resident of Netherfield: There must be lots of people like me who are longing to get out in the garden, sort out the winters` mess (not yet over I know) and make plans for the winter ahead. I really enjoy walking around the Estate delivering the Messenger, looking at the gardens, from the astonishing petunias of the Netherfield Arms, plants for sale outside the Village Stores, to the simplest plot.

Last spring, my neighbour Marissa explained that the pine cones surrounding her young dahlias were to keep the slugs away. So I gathered some cones and spread them in our garden, especially around runner beans and primulas. I believe it beats all other anti-slug methods and is environmentally friendly. My cones are rather soggy now and need to dry out or be replaced. To make sure you have caught all the slugs it is wise to look under stones and other hiding places! I take my finds down to the woods and hope they forget where home is. Gillian.

The Three Churches of Mountfield, Brightling and Netherfield Events: The following information has been provided by the Churches to hopefully enable everyone to successfully plan ahead. This will be a regular feature of this column in the future.

1. St. John the Baptist Church, Netherfield - In the coming week, 24th February, there is a Eucharist at Netherfield, which will begin at 10 a.m. In March - 24th – Eucharist at Netherfield, 10 a.m, and 31st – Mothering Sunday at Netherfield, 10 a.m.

2. Brightling – On March 3rd - Morning Worship at Brightling 10 a.m. On 10th March – Eucharist at Brightling, 10 a.m.

3. Mountfield – On March 6th - Ash Wednesday at Mountfield, 11 a.m. On 17th March – Eucharist at Mountfield, 10 a.m.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: We have had many visitors to the Hall regarding the library. Some to look, others to bring along their books and many to borrow. The use is increasing and it is a delight to see how many people are getting to know all about us. There is time for a chat and a free cup of coffee or tea. Thank you for your continuing support.

Netherfield Village Hall AGM: The Annual General Meeting for the Netherfield Village Hall will take place at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26th February 2019. All are welcome.

Netherfield Village Hall Future Events: Netherfield Village Hall & Playing Fields are holding a Jumble Sale on Saturday 6th April from 10am-11.30am at Netherfield Village Hall, Netherfield Road, TN33 9QB. Clothing, bric a brac, toys, books and much more will be on sale. 50p admission for adults, children free. Come and grab a bargain!

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Our leader Roy, not only has had his hair cut this week, but is leaving me in charge next time, whilst he journeys around the globe like our own Marco Polo. That is Ben of course, for those of you who have forgotten the on-going Badminton Club saga, that I try to promote every week. From my point of view, it does sound slightly better than calling him by the other name that I had in the frame, Noggin the Nog. Actually, now I think about it it must be a couple of weeks since Ben last went. What is the world coming to? However, I digress.

With Roy out of the way, the “Badminton Bag” has been passed to me to look after. Some of you may think that this is a calling towards greatness. Is it, I ask myself? This bag is somewhat in appearance like a supermarket carrier, multi-coloured, robust with fabric handles. Creased and well-used is the immediate vision.

Then, if one parts the handles, the Aladdin’s Cave of goodies can be viewed. I am trying to make this description fit for human consumption by the way. Looking into its portals one is astounded by the diversity. Tubes of spare and unused feather shuttles, old battered ones, a blue covered book of telephone numbers and a green-topped, small plastic containerhousing a few scraps of cash, as well as some unidentifiable bits of this and that, which indicate a history of its previous incarnations. Yuk! Anyway, I have this in my charge for a week. What a lucky boy I am.

Eventually, now I can return to the report, which is what this is all about, there were twelve intrepid souls for the last half-hour, working their socks off to get fit. Up to that time there were only eleven. Our one lady, Jo, and, yes you’ve guessed it, ten men, or were they tin men given the way some were moving? That does seem disproportionate? What it ensures is three courts got used all at the one time which is what we hoped would happen for the whole of the two hours. Oh well we can but hope.

More next week.......

Reflections on a garden: Digging, digging and more digging. The annual return to aerating the soil, removing invasive and meandering roots, discarding weeds and re-locating perennials has begun. The number of beds remains consistent and the wheelbarrows fill up as they always have done, but the work, as we get older, is just that little bit harder. Still immensely satisfying but just that little bit less energy efficient than it used to be.

At this time of year when everything is bare, imperfections are easily viewed on pergolas and structures in the garden. Fence panels that need staining, broken struts on trellis and gravel paths where green is gaining a foothold are a fact of life. Of course, mental notes are made of, what appear to be, these mini tasks and a calendar is worked out in your head of when they will be completed. What is always noticeable is that next year, at this same time, some of these jobs will still be there, as nature has a way of covering these imperfections, if one should inadvertently forget, with a mantle of green, which detracts the eye from viewing the bits you did not do last year. The circle of life I think it is called.

This weekend past our ash tree was pollarded. Every few years a chain-saw needs to be employed to remove the bits that have got out of hand. In the past, when the wrinkles of time had not appeared, the carrying of ladders could be performed without friends and dangers did not register on the radar, one could undertake this role without a second thought. Now I have to write a report of how, why and when the job will be undertaken, which my good lady still vetoes, then get the professionals in to do the task I still feel capable of doing. Such is life

More next week.................

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