Netherfield news
Netherfield news

Netherfield Village Hall Jumble Sale: The weather held fine on Saturday last, although a little cold, but the queue for the first Jumble of the year, started to assemble just before 9.00 in the morning. As usual everybody seemed full of anticipation. Could there be a real bargain to be had, not only in the clothes line, but also hidden amongst the bric-a-brac? When I looked out of the window, just before 10.00, the trail of would-be purchasers was winding around a fair proportion of the car park, albeit in a very orderly fashion. At this point I would like to thank all those who contributed the items we had for sale, for without their donations the event would not be happening.

When the doors opened at 10.00 the Hall was filled, not only with people, but the sound of pleasure, bonhomie and “thank you” as money starting changing hands. There was hardly any room to move at one time in the buying section, with so many people searching for that all important purchase of a bargain. Coats, trousers, kiddies-wear and designer items were all being eagerly sought and the bric-a-brac stall had people lined up four deep, searching for that priceless antique, toy, lamp and a host of other items all at very affordable prices. Books too, CDs and DVDs could be bought from a large selection on offer.

Surprises too were very much in evidence. Haggling over a jacket, a customer was finally pleased with the price paid for the garment. Moving away and checking the pockets, the customer felt something firm in a pouch located on the front of the article. Could it be jewelry, coins or even a small antique? We all have visions of finding a fortune. With shaking hands, brought about by anticipation, the customer turned the pocket inside out, expecting gold at the very least. No! A fine pair of clean upper dentures was revealed in all their glory. A rosy pink plate with sparkling white molars.

A nervous laugh was all that could be heard in that fraction of a second as they were exposed. Quick as a flash, a lady standing next to the purchaser said, “I will buy those off you”. Taken aback the purchaser of the coat said “No I want them”. Trying to bring a touch of humour to the situation I said “you can have those for nothing”. Without a moment’s hesitation, the customer said, “No, these are extras - will 50p be enough?” Well of course I took it.

All the proceeds on the day, which amounted to nearly £350.00, will be used to improve the facilities at the Hall and finance Community projects in the future. Thank you. Maurice – Treasurer.

Netherfield Village Hall Future Events: A second Children’s Activity Morning is being held on Wednesday 29 May from 10-12.30 with In2Play attending as before. They were a big hit last time. This will also include a play worker bringing along some activities together with a visit from Emma at FSN. The children will be provided with a light lunch. Summer Fete/Music Event on Saturday 27 July. Race Night September 7 or 14. Further details as they become available. Make these a date in your diary!

Netherfield Hall Zumba Class: Wednesday nights 6-8pm. Come and get fit and enjoy dancing.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: Work has been progressing to organise the book donations we have been receiving and integrate the new stock into our current library of titles. This has taken less time than was anticipated and has meant that we are now able to resume normal service on the intake of books.

Pass & Move Football, Netherfield Playing Field: After a successful first season at the Village Hall, Pass & Move have decided to continue with the relationship into the future. Great! To build on the success and the rapport that was established during this first season improvements are being made to the playing area. Over many years the ground had become impacted and this had caused drainage problems during bad weather. It also meant that the grass was not quite as vibrant and healthy as it could be.

Therefore, one of the first measures to make this a pitch for all seasons, was to aerate the soil. A large tractor with a rack at the back of the vehicle, containing many fearsome looking spines, was therefore brought in to help the situation. These spines puncture the ground and allow nutrients, air and everything else to permeate this top layer and, over a period of time, make you have a pitch like that in place at Wembley. So look out for the next Pele from Netherfield.

SERVICE DATES FOR BRIGHTLING MOUNTFIELD & NETHERFIELD: All services are held jointly for the whole benefice.

APRIL - 14th Palm Sunday Eucharist BRIGHTLING 10am - 19th Good Friday liturgy MOUNTFIELD 11am - 21st Easter Sunday Celebration MOUNTFIELD & BRIGHTLING 10am - 28th Eucharist NETHERFIELD 10am. MAY 5th Baptism BRIGHTLING 11am - Everyone is welcome at all services

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: My regular reader will be aware that I did not provide a report last week. Unfortunately, due to copious amounts of lifting, pushing and moving heavy objects, my arms felt like they were ten times their normal size and I was struggling even lifting a cup. So in order to preserve this ancient artifact of a body of mine, I decided to pass on last week’s game. The first time in all the years I have been going, I might add, reader.

Anyway, back to normal. Hooray I hear you say! This week was a mixture, as it saw the return of Roy’s grandson Jo, now a coach of some renown, to his mates anyway, to show us all how to actually play the game properly. There was also Jo, our regular lady player. This meant that when I was calling out the name Jo, I was getting two answers. For an old fool like me that was very confusing. Anyway, there were ten of us in total. Still a good number, but a problem, as we play doubles.

As an aside, Jo the younger told me he likes Elvis and return to Sender. That just shows you that the younger generation do know what class is.

More next week.......

Reflections on a garden: The spring always seems to make the grass grow about twice as fast as it does at any other time of the year. You cut it, and a couple of days later it looks as though you hadn’t. Yes, it is probably my imagination, but I never seem to have much respite in the first days of the growing season.

My good lady purchased some grass seed to scatter on the part of the bed surrounding Gracelands. If you are new to this column we are Elvis fanatics. The work involved in maintaining this bed was becoming too much. The plants were fighting each other to see which could grow the tallest. Therefore, more lawn was required. Taking little bits of errant grass out of the paths and replanting, whilst satisfying, is time consuming, which is why the seed option was chosen. To prevent the wholesale feeding frenzy which would ensue from our resident garden bird population, my good lady borrowed some netting panels off the pond, which were there to keep the heron at bay. These were placed over the seed and we hope for quick results, well at least I do, otherwise we might lose more fish..

As we both look around the garden, we realise there is a lot of work to do at this time of year. Things grow, where they are not supposed to and established shrubs and plants are beginning to add volume, height and width to last year’s final position, prior to their winter sleep. Whilst the colour palette at the moment is limited, yellow, pink, white and a smattering of purple and blue, it is the best year yet in the overall picture the garden presents to us as we look out any of the rear windows of the house.

Whilst it took many years to achieve that result it gives a real indication of why people love their gardens and spend the time making them into the places that they want to be in.

More next week........