A Taste of Summer: And then it went...But, what a lovely weekend it was last week, especially for the London Marathon, the St George’s Day event in Bexhill on Sunday, and for all the keen gardeners who dived into the undergrowth on Saturday, and were eventually rewarded with long glasses of something cool and hopefully alcoholic, sometime on Sunday evening!! The O.H and I were out around Ninfield, delivering Invitations for the Afternoon Tea/Cabaret (see items below) and were a little slow, due to one sprained ankle-Me, and one strained Achilles we must have cut a funny sight, but at least, if pushed, we could just about have done a three-legged race...or not..!! Keep fingers crossed for dry weather this weekend too...we missed the Grass Cutting Slot!!

Ninfield Flower Group: Many apologies for last week’s wrong date!! The entry should be for Wednesday 2nd May, commencing at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall; and it’s the exciting return of T.V and Radio’s Jim Buttress, with his talk on “The Royal Parks and Gardens”. There are a few tickets still available, so please call 01424 844916 and book your seat now! Also, on Monday 14th May there will be another Flower Group Workshop; so, if you’d like any information on this, or other events, meetings and shows, please call Jennifer Collett on 892878, or email

Ninfield Knitting Society: Lovely Jane Dommersen has taken the initiative and re-launched The Knitting Society; after reading an article in the Local History Group Newsletter, which listed groups and societies that had fallen away over years, and now no longer existed. On March 9th, Jane was joined by one lady from Ninfield and 6 from Bexhill, who met, admired delicate handicrafts achieved in the past, and then got down to the serious business of knitting, sewing, drinking tea... and putting the world to rights! - Oh! if only the governments of the day could take some hints and tips from groups like this all over the world, we’d all be in a MUCH better place!!!! If you are on your own, or have a free morning that you’d like to spend in the company of likeminded ladies, having coffee/tea, a chat...and handicrafts are not obligatory; Jigsaws are an optional extra!...please feel free to turn up on a Friday morning between 10am - 12 Noon, starting from 4th May. Sessions are initially £5 and for more information call Jane on 01424 892428, she would love to hear from you!

Ninfield Carnival Association: The next meeting is on Wednesday 9th May, 8.30pm in the Working Men’s Club. I gave updates in this column last week, so there should be lots of reasons why you a) have the dates for the Summer event in your diary (13th/14th July!!) and b) why you’d love to come to the next meeting, have your input as to what you’d love to see at this year’s Carnival, how you can help make it the best yet, and just generally have a great evening, with a cheap drink, chatting and laughing with like-minded people...What’s not to love! And, of course..if you would like to help in anyway at the Afternoon Tea and Cabaret event...see item below...???!!!

Hooe Open Group: The next meeting of the Lively Ladies is on Friday 11th May, 2.30pm in the Village Hall, Hooe. Please just turn up, or call Edna Wallis on 01424 842591 for more information.

Jo’s Jammas: Now...this is the official name of the Singing Group that was launched in March, in the Methodist Hall, by Jo Wood, after interest was expressed at the New Ideas Coffee Morning! The initial gathering of some 14 people had a marvellous evening singing and laughing, and have now organised a fortnightly meeting, led of course by Jo, in the Methodist Hall again, starting on Friday 11th May, from 7.30-9pm. Sessions will cost £5 to include refreshments. The emphasis on this singing group is FUN and the JOY of singing- and any styles are up for the challenge, so Swing, African Chants, Gospel, Pop.. any suggestions will be taken on board and then explored!! Please just arrive and enjoy, you’ll be made very welcome, and also be amazed at how quickly you’ll be singing in harmony with people you may have never met before...Go on, give it a go!

Hooe Coffee Morning: Saturday 12th May, 10.30am, Hooe Village Hall, Coffee and Conversation on the second Saturday of every month.

Afternoon Tea and Cabaret: Saturday 12th May, Ninfield Memorial Hall, doors open at 1.30pm for a 2pm start. The Invitations are out, for all residents eligible - ie. Over 60!!- to come and have a fun afternoon, eating and drinking - yes, there will be Pimms Punch and other alcoholic beverages as well as the pre-requisite Tea and Coffee!! - and, of course, joining in with the wonderful Deja Revue theatre company from Brighton, who will be performing an hour long Revisichall Show, full of comedy, sketches, songs and chenas. This event is being put on, and hosted, by Ninfield Carnival Association, from funds raised in their 2017 events, and follows similar lines of Cabaret/Tea afternoons they have done for the Queen’s Jubilee and 90th Birthday - both of which saw over 100 Ladies and Gentlemen having a whale of a time, with the ‘Chatting and Catch up’ being the loudest and most memorable part of the day! If you would like to make a CAKE to add to the spread, it would be very gratefully received; please let us know, and bring up to the Hall on the 12th between 12 and 1pm. If you can help in any other way on the day, or with the occasional lift to the hall, get in touch or come to the next Carnival Meeting on Wednesday 9th May...see item above!! N.B If you haven’t yet received an invitation to the Tea, and would like one, or know someone who else who would be interested, please call me on the numbers at the end of the column, or pop into the Lower Street Stores, where the lists of names are being collated and spare invitations are available....don’t worry, you won’t need passport I.D!!

Christian Voices: Saturday 12th May - in the Methodist Church Hall from 3pm - 4.15pm, the wonderful Music and Drama Group are returning with another of their productions, entitled ‘A Leap of Faith’. ‘Tasty’ refreshments will also be served through the afternoon. Do get there early to secure your seat!

Church Services: Methodist Church - Sunday 29th April, 10.30am Service of Worship and Praise with Revd. Neville Barnett

Messy Active Teens: Friday 11th May 5-7pm Methodist Church Hall

Parish Churches: Sunday 29th April St Mary’s Ninfield 9.30am - Joint Parish Eucharist. St. Oswald’s - 11am Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Keep in touch!: As the weeks are now flying by, and Whitsun/Summer are approaching, with all the lovely events planned in our area, please send details in good time for advance publicity and, for anything that you’d like highlighted in Bold!!.(trying the gag again...always a risk!!) Call 01424893699, or text 07970650321, email, or Tweet @guard_jane Thanks!