Royal Extravaganza!: What a superb Saturday- 19th May 2018- and the last Royal Wedding for some considerable time to come. I must admit that when Prince Harry originally announced his engagement, and said that the Wedding would be lower key, more modern and not with the big Political, Worldwide influence or attendance, I thought that it would no doubt have some excellent coverage, but not be The Big Event that the Country is used, I was looking forward to it, but had no plans for street/house/lounge parties at all. It was only over the last fortnight, when suddenly every waking moment on the T.V was taken up with The Wedding, and all it’s intricacies, family eccentricities, and not-so-niceties, that I realised that NO!, this was NOT going to be a more subdued event, and YES it was time to get involved and get excited! And crikey! What an extraordinary day it turned out to that did the Royal Family, the Country and the People very, very Proud. There are so many bits that could be singled out, so many elements making the day a complete one-off, so many moments that made me blub into my glass of pink fizz; so many flashes of fun, realms of romance and scintillating sparkle; but the images that will stay with me for many a day yet, are those poignant moments when Meghan’s Mum was looking wistfully around the choir stalls, wondering just what had happened, and then her gratefully reaching out to grasp the outstretched hand of the charming Prince Charles, as he gathered her to go and sign the register. That, and previously, the extraordinary address from Pastor Michael Curry- invigorating, enthusiastic, enlightening and at times, downright hilarious! And, finally, fulfilling every little girl’s dream here, and in the USA., the magical carriage ride for the Prince and his Bride, up The Long Walk to the Fairy-Tale Castle of Windsor...the most breath-taking sight of the day. Well, aren’t we lucky in this Country, to have so much history, pomp and circumstance, and to be able to deliver it to the waiting, wider world in a dignified, Disney-esque fashion! Well done to one and all, and all Congratulations and Luck to our new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!... Are you free for Ninfield Carnival?!

Bank Holiday Weekend: And now...for another holiday break! With every wish that the weather is as brilliant as the last weekend, and with so many events, fetes and fayres to go to, it’ll be difficult to choose, and not to try and get too much in! There are many Villages in the surrounding area with things happening, and as always, Battle will be buzzing; Bexhill has the Horse Show on Monday at Polegrove, and the Antique Fair in Cooden Beach Hotel. Then, a little further afield, it’s Heathfield Agricultural Show on Saturday 26th, and in Laughton, there will be the usual gathering for the Cuckoo Fayre, with many driving to stay over. Have a great time, and don’t forget to relax as well...a glass of something sparkling in the garden sounds good to me!

Ninfield Bowls Club: The latest results from Carole.. On Wednesday 16th the team played against Bexhill Bowls Club at Polegrove and the weather was very, very cold! They were all pleased when they’d finished the required 18 ends. Only one rink won and the score was Ninfield 56-Bexhill 74. The match on Saturday 19th was against Cross-in-Hand and the score Ninfield 62-Cross-in-Hand 68- but it was a beautiful day, so much more enjoyable! On Sunday 20th, the Ninfield Club held their Ladies V Gents afternoon and the score ended up as Men 56- Ladies 54...(booo!) A lovely afternoon was had by all as again, the weather was perfect. After the match, everyone enjoyed a Fish and Chip Supper in the Clubhouse, with Trifles for dessert supplied by some of the Ladies. Many thanks to Captain Vic and Vice-Captain Rose for the organisation, and to the team who helped with the food.

Jo’s Jammas: The singing group that are taking Ninfield by storm, are next meeting in the Methodist Hall TODAY- Friday 25th May, 7.30pm till 9pm., and fortnightly thereafter, £5 per session. Do go along and have some fun- everyone is of the same mind set; to sing for the joy of singing, and reports so far say that the sound created is just fantastic - with all sorts of wonderful harmonies, and the happy realisation that anything musical can, and does, happen! Don’t be scared, get yourself there and Go For It!

Ninfield Parish Council: Early Heads Up for the next meeting to be held on Thursday 6th June, in the Methodist Hall, Church Lane, from 7pm - Planning Meeting, then 7.15pm - Full Council Meeting. Following the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting held last Wednesday,16th May, it was great to hear that a few people have shown some interest in joining the Council over the next year. The meeting was well attended and those present enjoyed the refreshments afterwards while nattering with the groups and societies represented. The additional topic being discussed was the proposed new build of the Sewerage Works in Hooe, plus the upgrade of the existing, and the substantial disruption to the small country lanes of Ninfield, Russells Green and Hooe by large, heavy vehicles- some of which will have to be escorted- over a considerable period of some 20 months. Councillors from both Villages will be working together to put forward a robust presentation to ESCC when this application is considered in June. The meeting in the Memorial Hall on the 16th showed all who attended that there is always a lot happening in Ninfield, throughout the year, with a hugely diverse set of societies, groups and events; and that everyone works together to create an intricate, fascinating tapestry, making a rich, full Village life...and that we should be Proud!

Church Services: Sunday 27th May - Methodist Church - Trinity Sunday Worship and Praise with Grace Garner

Parish Churches: Sunday 27th May - St Mary’s Ninfield 9.30am - Parish Eucharist;- St Oswald’s Hooe 11am - Parish Eucharist.

And another thing...!: As it’s the end of the month-ish, and we’re waiting for the next round of Calendar entries: I just thought that maybe you’d like a quick update on the Canine Crew and Bramble-Kat....all of whom rule this somewhat ailing roost, and have developed over the year into an entertaining tribe with singular and joint personalities! It was Winston’s birthday last weekend, he’s now 3, and is a fabulous boy, and a proud Daddy to Maisie-Mae, now 6 months. The next member of the team, Bramble-Kat, has also had a birthday..I think.. (remember, I did find her under a bramble bush in a field, and she was then just half the size of my hand!) I’m assessing that she’s now just turned two; and still thinks she’s a Cog or a Dat! The relationship between her and Maisie thrives and they quite obviously adore each other; with their rough and tumbles melting into lazy cuddles and mutual face-washing! Nora-Noo, or ‘Nana Nooby’ as she’s also known, is the Matriarch for the whole lot; playing and teaching, scolding and comforting, not only her following generations, Winni and Maisie, but to the spaniels Midge and Bebe too...Nora is the absolute star gem in our crown; my bestist, much loved girl, and I think she knows it! Fantastic Family! Get in touch with any stories, anecdotes, diary entries etc..893699, 07970650321, you!