Holy Communion: takes place every Tuesday at The Mission Church.

If anyone is interested: in The mayflower anniversary, which takes place in 2020 (The 400th Anniversary), Robert Cusman is buried at St Nicholas Church and was a leading figure in the financing of the Mayflower.

Anymore information on the Mayflower that can be found out would be very much appreciated. Phone Shelagh on 01580 850133 or Elizabeth on 01580 850607.

The Baptist Church: have a coffee morning at the church at 10.45am on August 2.

The parish Council office: is open on a Tuesday from 1pm - 3pm and Thursdays 9.30am - 11.30am. The Clerk is Lisa Hale. Phone 01580 850295 and the office is the Old School, Back Road, Sandhurst.