BEAUCHAMPS OPEN GARDEN: For our eighteenth (and last) annual opening for the National Garden Scheme on Sunday, we were once again blessed with perfect weather. Despite a gloomy forecast some three days previously, the sun shone all afternoon, with occasional clouds and a refreshing gentle breeze, ideal conditions for garden visiting. We were extremely grateful to so many of you who came along to support us, helping to bring our total number of visitors up to a record (for us) of 130. It was nice to hear many appreciative comments: the garden was indeed looking its very best, the vagaries of a most unusual Spring having resulted in the last of the azaleas and some of the early roses flowering at the same time, with plenty else in between. The Friends of St Mary’s (and some of their friends) once again produced a mouthwatering array of cakes, which they served with tea all through the afternoon. Combined with some generous donations, and the sale of many of Matty’s huge collection of plants, the event raised £1,015 for the NGS, and £335 for the Friends.

On Tuesday we handed our garden over to a highly organized and most enthusiastic team from St Michael’s Hospice, ready to welcome another stream of visitors (number unknown at time of writing). A rather cloudy day, but luckily with no sign of rain, so no doubt to be much enjoyed by all. They do such a good job that it’s always a pleasure to welcome them, strongly recommended for any of you who may be invited to take part in their garden-visiting scheme in future.

CHURCH SERVICE: At 11.15am this Sunday there will be a Sung Family Eucharist in St Mary’s, followed by refreshments in the church.

TALK ON DIABETES: On Wednesday (June 20) at 6 for 6.30pm in the Tilling Green Community Centre, Rye, there will be an open talk on “Dealing with Diabetes” by Erwin Castro, senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse. This event has been arranged by the Ferry Road Health Centre and Rye Medical Centre Patient Participation Groups.