PARISH COUNCIL: When our Parish Councillors met in the Hall last Wednesday, one of the main topics they discussed was a grant which the Council is due to receive from the Community Infrastructure Levy fund. This results from a statutory levy of some £6,000 made by the developer of the two new houses on the site of the former Udimore Garage. In the circumstances, it was agreed that the grant would be most appropriately spent on a measure (or measures) designed to mitigate the impact on our community of steadily increasing road traffic, and that to achieve any significant lasting effect more than this sum will need to be spent. Ways were therefore being explored to supplement it by applying for match funding, and for other relevant grants possibly available from the County Council. District Councillor Johnson undertook to consult County Councillor Maynard about this, and to make further enquiries, at both District and County levels. Once the total sum available is known, and after seeking professional advice from Sussex Police, councillors will have to decide which of the various possible traffic-calming measures to adopt.

Commenting on the weed spraying schedule recently received from the County Council, the Chairman was to seek more details.

It was agreed that 50% of the nett cost of felling an oak tree overhanging the Hall car park could be met by the Parish Council - which could not, however, be expected automatically to meet any of the Hall’s running costs in future.

Cllr Fuller has now become Vice-Chair of the Parish Council, taking the place of Cllr Dean, who was thanked for his valuable service in that role.

CHURCH SERVICES: In St Mary’s this Sunday Holy Communion will be celebrated at 8am. At 6pm the monthly Benefice Evensong will be at All Saints, Beckley.

FREAK OUT FOR CANCER: If you don’t want to miss this event and haven’t booked already, do remember to ring 07905 562741 (leaving a message if necessary) to reserve tickets (£10 for adults, £5 for kids) for this special party in the Hall next Saturday evening, August 4. It’s a 70s Charity Disco, from 7pm to 11pm. Bar and BBQ (Hot dogs, with Veggie options, till 9.30pm) free drinks for kids.