Village Voices - January 14, 2011


This Friday, January 14th, there is whist in the Village Hall, brought forward from next week, as the Pantomime, The Lost Land of Narkurs, takes to the stage on Thursday the 20th, Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd.

A reminder that if you need to change or buy a pantomime ticket, you should get in touch with Mike Cooper on 892681, before it is too late!

Another amendment to the notice in the parish magazine about village hall bookings. For the time being, please contact Jackie Saxby on 211513 for all Village Hall bookings and payments.

Everyone using the Playing Field will be grateful for the excellent drainage work instigated by the Parish Council, which really works.

The lines of the drains are clearly visible and the contractors worked well to get the levels right, so at last the water drains away from the heavy clay soil. We were very fortunate to get the work done before the cuts in grants came into effect.

Last Thursday`s WI meeting had a packed programme, with a glowing account of our Christmas activities – the party and entertainment, the Christmas lunch and the outing to the Pantomime in Hastings. The President presented a cheque for £1095 to a representative of St Michael`s Hospice, who told us that it costs four million a year to care for their patients, who are also cared for at home and who often return to active life after their treatment.

We also heard from our two Police Community Officers, who will return in May to tell us more about their role in the community.

The very entertaining talk by Tony Smith about Art and Fraud in Art set us thinking about the story behind a picture, whether it was genuine or not. He brought a print of a portrait of the Kaiser and his retinue, where the faces were, in fact, cut out of a magazine! There was a puzzle picture of a boat named Tudor, arriving with a cargo of knights in armour – but who were they? All very intriguing. For the artists among us there were constant tips about composition and colour, so we were inspired to look and learn.

It was interesting to remember that our January 2010 meeting was cancelled because of the snow. It was the talk about Tom Crean, the Arctic explorer.

As the church organ is being repaired at present, the church will be locked when the work is not in progress and church services will be accompanied on the grand piano.

There can`t be many parish churches that can boast a grand piano in their north aisle and an organist like Bob Andrew, who will is equally at home on either instrument. We are very lucky.

The Parish Communion this Sunday is at the usual time, 9.15 am

PATRICIA SPEEDY, Longstone, Powdermill Lane


There will be a meeting of the Parish Council next Thursday 20th January, in the Village Hall starting at 7pm. If you would like to know what is going on in your village please do go along.

When thanking everyone who purchased Christmas cards, note cards and postcards in aid of the Appeal fund last week, I forgot to thank Whatlington Garage, Whitechapel Fireplaces and The Royal Oak, for buying cards, especially designed for them, and the Royal Oak also for selling cards on the church’s behalf.

Many thanks also to all those from the village who also purchased cards sold on behalf of the Appeal Fund.

Last week I promised you that I would let you have details of the presentation given to the village by the Parish Church on plans for the restoration of the 13th century church.

I have not included photographs as they would just take up too much space but if you would like to see any of the examples (photographs) I feel sure that Jeffrey will show them to you.

I have also left the wording as it was presented

St.Mary Magdalene Church

Whatlington: The Way Ahead


The present church building dates form the 13th Century, it is probable that it replaced an earlier building, possibly timber, which may in turn of replaced a Saxon church, probably destroyed by the Normans in October 1066.

Our forebears built the church to the Glory of God, to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday 15th July 2010

The fire began in the Gallery, most likely caused by an electrical fault in the organ reading lamp.

The Fire Brigade were unable to pinpoint the definite cause, so we have to adopt the most likely one.

The panelling inside the roof created a cavity through which the fire rapidly spread.

3 Photographs were shown of fire showing the fire spreading through the roof, from the Organ Loft and the rafters which were Victorian.

What is the Church building for?

The church exists today, as it did when it was built, as a place of worship for our Lord Jesus Christ.

The building does not have a viable future without an active congregation.

Church buildings are not museums, they are home to living congregations, which are the church militant.

What is the church?

The church is the people, not the building.

Jesus said ‘ I am the way, the truth and the life, no one may come to the Father except through me.’

The building’s walls echo to the prayers of generations past.

We are only the present custodians, our task is to make the church fit for future generations to worship in.

The Victorians

As the building stood before the fire, it was much as the Victorians left it after the restoration on 1862.

In 1862 it was much changed to bring it up to the standards of the time and to make it fit for purpose in Victorian England.

The Vestry and Tower date from the 1862 restoration, as did the pews and much else.

The fire gives us an opportunity to make the church building better suited to the needs of our time, to play our part in securing the building for future generations and to make it a comfortable place of worship as a centre for the Christian Faith in our village.

We must be both sympathetic to the character of the building and it’s history, yet mindful that it is home to a living congregation.

Photograph looking down the Nave from the Chancel, post fire and a photograph of the South side of the church, post fire.

The Roof

The roof timbers shown in the last slide are not, as was at first thought all Victorian.

The Victorian rafters were those over the Gallery where the original Bell Cote was replaced.

The majority of timbers are in fact medieval and may even be the original ones.

It now looks as though a significant part of this medieval roof can be saved

This is subject to an archaeological survey & a further report from the structural engineer.

A quote from Stephen Friar’s book ‘A Companion to the English Parish Church’

Many church roofs were renewed or substantially restored by the Victorians in the nineteenth century and (as with all Victorian restoration) the degree and quality of the work varies considerably. In some cases architects were anxious to retain as much of the roof as possible, but often alterations were made in pine and not in accordance with the original design.

This applies in many ways to the roof at Whatlington

Photograph showing the view from the Organ Loft

Progress to date

Initial progress after the fire has been slow, but when dealing with an historic Grade II listed building it is necessary plan carefully.

The church is now protected with a scaffold and corrugated sheet roof.

Care was necessary to secure items which have survived the fire and a number of items have been removed to safe storage.

Much research has been done and we now have a clear outline of what we hope to achieve.

Photograph of the scaffold works in progress


The church is effectively exempt from conventional planning regulations in many areas.

These are devolved to the diocese.

We must apply for a Faculty for all works.

This is granted by the Diocesan Advisory Committee, comprising specialist architects, clergy and other qualified people.

This is a legal framework, recognising that the Church of England is the Established Church with the Queen at it’s head.

The roof from inside

Our plans, subject to the necessary Diocesan Faculty (Planning Permission in effect) are to expose the medieval roof timbers, just as they would have been prior to 1862.

The space between the rafters will be plastered, this will give the interior a lighter feel and highlight the medieval timbers in the process.

Photograph of the roof at Stonegate, which gives an impression of how Whatlington may look

The restoration

Visits have been made by PCC members to view various other churches, which have either suffered fire damage or which have undergone major re-ordering.

This gives us access to a wide range of ideas which give inspiration for Whatlington.

There follows a selection of pictures showing other churches to give an indication of what may be achieved.

Photograph of Boxgrove Priory, showing Portland stone floor and Luke Hughes oak pew seating, there is also under-floor heating.

Photograph of Tangmere, which was struck by lightening in 2005 & badly damaged, stone floor with individual seating. We share the same architect as

Photograph showing an outside view of the extension at Tangmere to house the W.C. Showing how close it is to existing graves.

Photograph of the roof at Tangmere, which although damaged by lightening was not totally destroyed and has been repaired keeping the old timbers.

Photograph of The Nave at Henfield, the floor is stone tiles, seating is upholstered interlocking oak chairs, there is very efficient under floor heating.

Why under floor heating?

We have an ideal opportunity to install this, with a new floor being necessary.

It is very efficient, it will heat the six feet nearest to the ground and not the roof space.

o visible radiators or other heaters.

A warm church, with heat where it is required.

Other photographs showing the toilet at Henfield which is located in a former porch, Irish contact seating and wood block flooring at Seaford, the ‘new’ organ , West window, kitchen and W.C. at Wilmington, and new tile floor, new Luke Hughes seats and purpose built locally made English Oak Catering units and mobile library units at Mayfield church.

Perhaps we may consider a Royal coat of arms to mark the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee

What do we want to achieve?

To retain the character of the building as a house of God.

To make it a comfortable, warm and attractive environment in which to worship.

To have a flexible building, able to be used for small concerts etc. to promote Christian mission.

To secure the building for future generations & to bring the facilities up to date.

Our Vision

A new ‘Universal’ toilet under the Gallery

A new small kitchen under the Gallery

Water supply & drainage will have to be arranged for these

A level clear floor space in the Nave

Walls flush to the floor, no wood panelling

Flexible, movable seating

Under floor heating

To have the Chancel as a clear sacred space.

To bring the Altar forward, perhaps three feet & to move the rail to match this, so that the Sedalia is within the Sanctuary, this will be both practical and more aesthetically pleasing.

To retain the Gallery and to have the option of ‘overflow seating there.

To have a replacement organ, located to the South side of the loft, details to be decided.

A new West Window, to mark the restoration

A refurbished Vestry.

Pulpit, this is damaged and we need to consider what to do with it.

Lectern, as with the Pulpit.

Altar, this has survived with little damage and will be returned in due course.

To refurbish the tower room and to make more effective use this space.

To have additional seating in the Gallery.

To overhaul the bells.

The School

We want to make the building ‘Family Friendly’ with better facilities.

Welcoming for the village school to make greater use of.

To invite the children to feel at home in the church.

The Organ

The organ which we lost to the fire was a very good one with an interesting provenance.

There are a number of options.

An electronic organ.

A new pipe organ.

A refurbished organ, these are available either from de-consecrated churches or where they have been replaced etc.

We need something appropriate to our church and it’s requirements.

Lighting & Sound

The intention is to have flexible lighting, able to be used as a dim background light for candle lit services etc.

We hope to have a good quality sound system to amplify the priest and others.

The sound system will also allow amplification of recorded music where an organist is not available.


The insurers will cover replacement on a like for like basis.

There is some scope to save money in some areas, to spend in others.

Additional works, such as the toilet, kitchen, Vestry etc. will need to be funded from the appeal fund.

The weekly news from The Royal Oak reads

“We had a great Fancy Dress New Year’s Eve party at The Royal Oak, some very amusing photos are now available to view on our Facebook page.

Please visit our website for the link We’ve had lots of successful Christmas parties in the Barn at The Royal Oak over the festive period.”

Thank you very much for this Alex.

Canon Alan has now left our Parish and we are now into an Interregnum, but services will be held as usual. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with any member of the P.C.C. should you have any enquiries regarding the church or need a minister to visit your home.

Parish Communion will be held at The Village Hall this Sunday at 8.30am. All are most welcome.

The family service which was postponed on 9th January will be held next Sunday at 10.30am.

Hilda Aplin, Lismoyne Oakhurst Road


Netherfield Church – The important news this week is that Netherfield Parochial Church Council agreed to support the proposed reorganisation of our Benefice.

This will result in the newly formed Benefice of two parishes, Netherfield and Mountfield. A resolution will be presented to this effect and will provide a House for Duty member of the clergy looking after us.

This is only the start of sorting out our future as all the current four parishes in the present Benefice need to agree to the proposal for it to be confirmed and become effective.

As well as this, obviously, a new member of the clergy has to be found to take up the new post. I will continue to keep everyone informed through the Village Voice as things progress so the future of your local church is known as widely as possible.

Should anyone require any more information or has views they wish to express, please feel free to contact me and discuss.

Two fundraising events are taking place this month so please make a note and try and come and support us.

A Coffee Morning on Saturday 22nd January from 10.30. a.m. to 12 noon at Aversden, Netherfield Hill, courtesy of Emma Kersey. Half way up the hill on the left and look out for the bunting!

Other than a cup of coffee there will be produce, jewellery, a raffle and much more.

The following Saturday, the 29th there is a Jumble Sale in the Village Hall from 10. a.m. until 12 noon. Gillian Slack is organising this and we will be grateful for any jumble which can be given in at the Village Stores.

Our thanks to Janette for helping out here. Both these events will help boost our funds for maintaining the building and are particularly important now as we have to replace the boiler.

Estimates are coming in at around £10,000 for this so we do need people to dig deep.

We are still raising funds for the tower appeal and this is now nearing £2,000, which does mean I have been able to start discussions with the stonemason as to what work is essential and hopefully get a start made.

We have to keep going on this one as well though because it will certainly be a couple of thousand more. A schedule of the planned events for the year has been drawn up and is advertised on the church notice board.

All we can do is continue putting on events, ask for your support and hope that as well as enjoying them as part of our village life, you can find some money as well to keep things going.

Services for the rest of the month are this Sunday we shall be joining Mountfield for a Holy Communion at 10 a.m. and then on the 23rd, Netherfield will welcome Mountfield for a combined Holy Communion, also at 10 a.m.

On the final Sunday in January, the 30th there will be a combined Holy Communion at Mountfield, again at 10 a.m. Paul Smith. Churchwarden.

Saturday 29th January between 10am and 12 midday Netherfield Village Hall is Holding a jumble Sale with cakes stall & Raffle, tea and coffee available.

Tables £5 proceeds to St Johns the Baptist Church. Jumble can be left at the village stores ask Janette or phone Gillian daytime 07803709559. Helpers welcome.

Musical Ducklings - From 0-5 years. Contact Claire on 01424 838457 for more details.

Darvel Down & Area Residents Association. Any resident requiring a lift to the hospital / doctors / opticians. Please call Jim Jefcoate on 838721 or Ron White 838296. (voluntary contributions welcome)

White Hart darts the B team played Staplecross Club on Thursday. It was a great nights banter, the team lost 4-3 with wins for Sean Spillett, Bob Lovick & Andy Saunders.

In the men’s pairs Andy & Sean won 2-0. In the ladies pairs we lost 2-1 and in the mixed pairs we lost 2-1. In the push penny league we lost 3-2 with the only wins coming from husband and wife team Jo & Bob Lovick.

For all football fans, young and old, we are holding an audience night with Ron “Chopper” Harris, an ex Chelsea player who will give a full insight to the world of soccer. Only £10 per head, tickets on sale over the bar.

There will be photo shoots available plus a chance to buy football memorabilia signed by some of the new stars of football in an auction after, so bring your sons and dads to a night to remember!

White Hart Boules Pitch. The pieste is free to use, any clubs please feel free to come and use the pieste, FOC any time except match days which are Saturday afternoons though the season is now over. We have a group of ladies and Gents that play amongst themselves Monday Lunchtimes.

Netherfield FC sponsored by the White Hart. The lads have had no games recently but hope to resume ‘play’ soon. The team and supporters are welcomed back to the White Hart after the game where food is laid on.

Orpington F.C. play on Saturdays at the recreation ground. The lads and their supporters come back to the White Hart where food is laid on for them.

The Rover group joins us on the 2nd Tuesday of the month ALL welcome.

The Harley Davidson group meets on the 1st Friday of each month ALL welcome.

T.R.Cars meets on the last Thursday of the month All Welcome.

The Breakaway Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. This is a ladies group that meet and chat, have talks, days out and are always looking for new members ALL welcome.

Hastings Mobile Library will be outside the shop from 11.50 – 12.10, on Friday 21st January 2011.

To include your event or local Netherfield news please e mail me

Maria Standen, Swallow Farm


AS already noted in the latest Parish Council Newsletter, which should have reached all Udimore households this week, another of our routes to Winchelsea is due to be closed in the near future.

From 6pm this evening (Friday) till 8.30am on Monday the level crossing at Winchelsea Station will be closed to road traffic.

Notices displayed on both sides of the line there inform us that the crossing will also be closed every night next week from 6pm till 8.30am, but should be open during daytime.

This should enable Network Rail at last to make good use of the replacement rails and bags of clips which seem to have been lying by the side of this section of the Marshlink line for many months now.

AT 7.30pm next Thursday, January 20, the Udimore Gardeners’ first event of the new year will be a meeting in St Mary’s Community Hall on the topic of “Getting Ready for Spring”.

The discussion will be led by several experienced members, who will suggest some useful preparations for the new season in both flower and produce growing, but all members’ ideas and suggestions will be welcome.

If you aren’t yet a member of the group but would like to know more about it, please give Linda Harland a ring (01797 222410).



A cursory survey of the garden reveals snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells bravely poking their noses up through the ground. A hopeful sign to go with the fact that the days are perceptively lengthening.

Next Friday, 21st, is the date for the Iden and Playden Garden Society to hold their Annual Party in Iden Village Hall.

Members will have received their invitations and are reminded to let the chairman know if they will be bringing a plate of savoury or sweet food to share. You may bring a guest if you wish, nominal contribution of £2.50 please.

The e-mail address is or phone 280 205 by Monday 17th January. Drinks will be provided.

The following day, 22nd, is the Friends of Playden Church Winter Party. Invitations have gone to all members, asking for a plate of savoury food to share and whatever you would like to drink.

Desserts will be supplied by the committee. The theme will be Fancy Hats. Please could you phone Neil on 22 42 09 or Jill on 22 32 11 by Monday 17th, to say you are coming so that the suitable number of puds can be prepared. This all happens in the Playden W.I.Hall.

The Rye and District Camera Club will meet on Monday 17th January in Playden W.I.Hall at 7.30 pm for a Club Print Competition. The judge will be Clive Tanner FRPS.

The Rye and District Centre of the National Trust continues the season of winter talks with Mr. Allan Downend speaking about ‘The Life and Work of E.F.Benson’ . Benson was a prolific writer who began his career in the late 19th century. He lived for many years in Lamb House in Rye and several of his Mapp and Lucia stories were set in a town recognisable as Rye.

The talk will be in Beckley Village Hall at 2.30 pm on Thursday 20th January. Entrance fee is £2 for members and £3 for non-members to include refreshments after the talk.

On Saturday 29th January there will be a coffee morning in the tea rooms at Bodiam Castle starting at 10.30 am, organised by the National Trust.

Playden Parish Council met last Thursday with Cllrs.D.Stone, P.King, J.Hobbs and Clerk R.Harrington-Lowe present. Also in attendance were RDC Cllrs. P. Osborne and N. Ramus and ESCC Cllr. K. Glazier. Apologies were received from Cllr. S Stone.

The only member of the public present raised the question of the possibility of having a grit bin at the bottom of New England Lane to make life easier during subsequent snowy weather. Mrs. Lovell offered a space outside her property to site the bin.

After careful discussion, the Parish Council agreed that it would fund the provision of the bin and local residents would be asked if they would contribute about £10 p.a. for the salt and gravel. The Clerk will search out the most advantageous price for bags of salt and gravel.

Cllr. King felt that residents were communicating well together as a kind of Neighbourhood Watch. The Council is supportive of this but is not in a position to become involved in legal matters. Cllr. King will contact Trevor Leggo with regard to making an Impact Statement.

It is not yet fully clear what the responsibilities of the Council are regarding Houghton Green. It has only recently become known that the Council OWNS it! Insurance and Risk Assessment have yet to be clarified.

It might be beneficial to have “SLOW - Children “signs in Houghton Green Lane. It is worth a try.

A Temporary Traffic Order was issued to take effect from 24th January for consultation that Deadmans Lane will become one way from Rye Hill and have two way access to the three properties at the bottom end. A NO ENTRY sign will prevent vehicles from progressing to the top of the lane and out onto Rye Hill.

The Precept has been set at £4,500.

Cllr. Osborne outlined some of the cuts which Rother faces. Over the next two years, 28% must be saved. There will be no compulsory redundancies during this financial year, but no one is sure about the effect from April. Cllr. King asked how Rother will engage with the community to discuss cuts. I.T. costs seem to be very high and licence fees could possibly be reduced.

Cllr. Ramus said that users of free Bus Passes will be asked to travel after 9.30 am, saving up to £60,000 per year. RDC is discussing with Hastings and Wealden, ways to reduce costs of services.

Cllr. Glazier explained the SE 7 group of councils which will be working together on different ways of improving services. Many things will be done differently, including Children’s services, costs of S.E.N., the transport arrangements and care etc., the statementing system will be reviewed, adult social care funding will go down also preventative care.

The schools Budget is protected. Public Health will be transferred from P.C.T. to ESCC. Self - help will be necessary.

Members of the public are encouraged to speak to councillors about any matters which concern them.

Two benches have been fetched from Bexhill sea front and are awaiting installation in the Butt Field. This will take place after the ground has been recultivated. The promised trees will be planted after the land has been prepared.

A letter had been received from the Royal British Legion regarding a Poppy Party. Around the same time it will be Armed Forces Day. It just so happens the Friends of Playden Church will be having Open Gardens early in July, and it might be possible to combine all these events, using the Butt Field. Perhaps a bar-b-cue in the early evening could be fun.

Chairman Cllr. Jim Hobbs announced that he would be standing down as a councillor at the Annual Parish Meeting. This creates a vacancy on the council and the clerk would be pleased to hear of any potential new members.

Please think carefully about this and talk to any existing councillors about the duties involved. Could you serve your village in this capacity?

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on 3rd February at 7.30 pm.

The mobile Library will be at Poppyfield on Monday 24th from 11.30 to 11.50 am.

On Saturday 22nd January there will be an opportunity to choose, test and purchase optics under actual field conditions at Lime Kiln Cottage Information Centre of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Drop in any time between 10 am and 4 pm.

The service at 11 am for the 2nd Sunday of Epiphany will be Parish Communion.

MARION LOVELL, Abingworth, New England Lane


Yesterday the Funeral took place in All Saints, our Parish Church, of Mrs Molly Notley of “Russetts’’ Manor Close. George, Joanne and Sue would like to thank everyone who was there and all those who with cards, sympathy and support have helped them in this time of great sadness.

Molly was from Copthorne in West Sussex and having worked in the Ministry of Defence she and George chose to retire to Icklesham. Molly entered fully into local life including the Women’s Institute and the Friends off the Church.

She was always happy and helpful and everyone who knew her will miss her.

Mrs Jean Watson of Brede Valley View has passed away. Jean was a loyal and active member of the congregation of our Church and was famous for her marmalades and jams which were always top sellers at Church Markets.

Jean and her late husband Jack were both the hairdressers at Ashendens in Cinque Ports Street Rye.In Rye Jean enjoyed the town’s Women’s Institute and the Trefoil Guild.

We extend our deepest sympathy to all Jean’s many friends and neighbours an especially her daughter Clare, son-in-law Steve Murray and her sister Mrs Pat Gurney.

The Service on Sunday 16 is a Parish Eucharist starting at 10.30 and conducted by the Vicar the Reverend Howard Cocks.

At the end of last term Icklesham said Goodbye and a big Thank you to Mr.Ralph who was leaving.

He was Caretaker and Midday Supervisory Assistant and also was involved in the school’s play activities especially football.

As a result there are two posts which the school wishes to fill as soon as possible. The details are

1. Cleaner/Caretaker. 25 hours a week -8.00-9.00am & 3.00-7.00pm daily. Level 1 Single Status Grade 2. £12908-13286 per annum pro rata. Some flexibility with timings and a possibility of a further 5 hours.

2. Midday Supervisory Assistant. 5 hours a week-12noon-1.00pm. Single Status Grade 1. £12145-12531 per annum pro rata.

If you are interested you are welcome to visit the school.

The Headteacher is Mrs P. Higgs. School Office 01424 814448 email

Closing date for applications is 1pm Wednesday 26 January and interviews will take place on Friday 28 January.

If there is further bad weather and there is a possibility of closure the best way to find out is on the East Sussex website which is updated every 5 and type school closures in search.

Local radio can not always cope with the number of schools and has other problems like transport to mention.

Will your child be starting school in 2012/2013?

If so whatever the school you need details of the arrangements and entry forms which can be obtained from Icklesham School office.

These forms must be completed and returned by Friday 11 February 2011.

Icklesham School is getting rid of some computers.

There are free but come with a warning. They are “old and slow’’.

The streetlights which are part of the new crossing were put up last week by 2 engineers who did a 3 1/2 hour each way commute from Southampton to a day’s work.

Now that Christmas is over for another year, most of the seasonal productions are coming to a close and the pantomime season is almost at an end.

That is -- with the notable exception of the Icklesham Players’ production of’’ The Tale of Tales’’ which will be in the Icklesham Memorial Hall Thursday 17 February -Saturday 20 in the evening with a matinee on Saturday.

For 50 years the Players have had panto and this is no different but this 2011 panto is very different.

The Fairy Godmother in Pantoland has lost the Fairy Tale book and the Demon King has got it.

He promises a few changes to the traditional fairy tales and sure enough before too long, with the aid of several pinto baddies our panto offering of Dick Whittington soon develops into chaos as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and many more of your favourite characters make some unexpected and unusual appearances.’’

Will sanity be restored to pantoland? will the Ugly Sisters ever find Cinderella?

All will be revealed in the ‘’Tale of Tales’’.

This hilarious show with all the well known panto characters, lots of audience participation, sing-a -longs,boos and hisses,’’ he’s behind you’’ and ‘’oh no he’s not’’ is highly recommended for the family.

Thursday 17 February-Saturday 19 February at 7.30pm plus Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Tickets £6 adults £3 children for booking and further details 01424 814246

Oh yes they can.

LAURIE BOWMAN, Magpies, Oast House Field


This is my first week in office, so to speak! I have gathered a lot of information but am aware that there is more.

Camber is a thriving village community with a lot going on. I am dependent upon you to let me have the information to include, so please let me have it by the weekend so that I can get it off before the print deadline.

My thanks to those of you who have so promptly sent me info this week.

Here are some of the activities Camber has on offer,

Camber Extend Exercise Club meets each Wednesday in the Village Hall for one hour at 12.30pm. This exercise class is for ladies and gents who are over 50, including anyone with a disability. The Extend Charity trains volunteers to run these gentle but most effective exercises aimed at enhancing flexibility and thus mobility.

The group are a sociable bunch who have fun whilst keeping fit. Each session costs £3.00 which helps towards the cost of using the hall.

Recently, the Rye Lions donated them a generous £200 which will ensure that this small club will be continue for the foreseeable future. You can just turn up, or contact Vanessa Bowler 01797 229 568 first. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing, serious gym gear would be a hindrance!

The Nifty Fifties Club runs on Thursdays at 2pm for a couple of hours, in the Village Hall. The club provides social opportunities, various games and crafts. Ladies and gents are very welcome. It costs just £1 per visit. You can contact either, Betty Twin, 01797 225 551, or Vanessa Bowler, 01797 229 568, for more details.

Are you interested in art? Up until recently, there was an Art Class in Camber at on Wednesdays mornings. Regrettably, numbers dropped and the class wasn’t viable anymore. If you are interested in a class, please contact Betty Twin 01797 225 551

Camber Film Club is going to show a film each 2nd Friday of the month, starting on January 14, at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall. This time it is Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. It costs £4 for adults and £3 for children including drinks and popcorn.

There is free pool at the Camber Castle Pub each Tuesday night.

Monday After School Club starts at 3.45pm for 2 hours. All children of primary school age are welcome. It costs £2 per child, £1 for a sibling. Sam Birke on 07749 857 060 can give you more information.

Camber Country and Western Club meets every 3rd Saturday at 8pm in the Village Hall.

This Saturday the duo Ron and Ash will provide the music. Members pay £7, non member £8. BYO drinks. Rolls are available to buy, and there is a raffle worth taking your chances on. Terry Hovenden 01797 226 887 has details.

On Sunday morning at 10.30am, a family service is being held at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Church.

This more informal service is suitable for all the family including its younger members. There is always a cuppa served afterwards with an opportunity to chat.

Each Friday at 3.30pm for an hour, refreshments are served in the Thomas Longley Hall, adjacent to the Parish Church.

This is an opportunity to, ‘Pop In,’ enjoy a cuppa and a chat. If you have difficulty getting there, let me know, and in my role as Parish Nurse, I will see if we can fix transport for you.

St. Thomas Youth Club meets each Tuesday between 7 -9pm, and Sunday 4 - 6pm in the Thomas Longley Hall, for youngsters between 11 -16years old. Activities include; Nintendo Wii, laptop, pool, table tennis, crafts, tuck shop, air hockey and table football. There is an annual membership of £1.50, and a £1 charge per visit. If you want more information please contact the leaders, Julie & John Lomath, 226 217.

Send information to be included to 18b, Denham Way, Camber

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham way


By popular demand the exhibition that is being held at Black Shed Gallery is being extended until the end of January. This is a show of wood –cut prints by Martin Brockman (Brock) who is a local artist.

The Black Shed Gallery is a privately owned gallery and is uniquely combined with Cottage Framers at Unit 3b at Russet Farm off of Redlands Lane. The aim of the gallery is to support local artists and art from the area and for a small fee any artist can exhibit their works.

If you would like any more information please contact Kenton on 01580 881247 The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 10am and 3pm to see Brocks work until the end of the month. Look out for further exhibitions in the future.

Friday 14th January is the first meeting of 2011 for the Robertsbridge Archaeological Society in Robertsbridge Hall starting at 7.45pm with David Martin being the speaker for the evening. His topic is `Neither Town nor Country Houses in the Local Village`.

If you are looking for something new to do this year why not go along and see if this is for you. All visitors and new members are welcome.

The monthly Tea Dance Party will not be taking place this month due to lack of DJ but it is hoped that it will resume next month. I will put it in the column when I know what date it will re-start.

The next Robertsbridge Bonfire Society meeting is being held at Robertsbridge Club on Thursday 20th January starting at 8.30pm.

The first Whist Drive of the year is taking place on Thursday 20th January at Robertsbridge Hall starting at 7pm. This is a very friendly evening, if you play Whist and fancy an evening out this is the place to go. All are welcome. For any further information please ring 01580 882204.

It is that time of year when the annual subscriptions are due at Robertsbridge Club; if you are a member please remember that your subs are due by the end of January.

If you are not a member and would like to join please get an application form from behind the bar. It is worth joining, the club has reasonably priced drinks, you can take your family in with you, there is a pool table, dart boards, a snooker table, entertainment throughout the year, availability to hire the club for parties, including children’s parties at the week ends, and of course the big screen TVs for any sporting events like football, rugby and more. Can you afford in this economic climate not to be a member?

Also don’t forget how many trade’s people we have within the village, and how many shops we still have left. It was a shame to see the Village Butcher leave the High Street and hopefully Judges Bakery will be a boon but there are many things within our own area that we may not be aware of.

The Parish Magazine called The Villager, which is on sale in the shops each month, shows how many skilled people we have within our community. It will help your reduce your Global Footprint if you trade and buy locally. It will also boost the local economy and keep people in work. If we all pull together hopefully our village will not suffer too badly in the year to come.

Ladies darts: We are without a game this week due to us being knock-out of the cup.

Darts: Tonight we are away to The Kings Head (Ore)

Football: Both games last week fell victim of the heavy overnight rain. Tomorrow (15th) the 1st team are away to Hollington United at Wishing Tree Recreation while the 2nd team are at home to Eastbourne Rangers. Both matches Kick-Off at 2p.m.

Sandie Madge & Sue Paine, The Floral Boutique, 20 High Street


The art and craft club for all ages, ‘CreArt’ will be meeting on Saturday January 15th, 10am -12 noon, at Pett Chapel.

This costs £2 per session and the group usually meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Check out the Pett Chapel Website for more news on church events and dates.

Church Services on Sunday 16th January – Holy Communion, St Nicholas, Pett Level at 8:00am; Sunday Service at the Methodist Chapel at 11:00am.

Don’t forget the first session of The Boathouse on Sunday 16th January at Pett Village Hall, 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Pett Parish Council will meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday 18th January in Pett Village Hall.

On Friday 21st January Pett W.I. will meet at 2:30pm in Pett Village Hall. The speaker at this, the first meeting of 2011, will be Pat Clarke who will give a talk on London Oddities Past and Present.

Pett Level Naturalist Society will meet on Friday 21st January in Pett Village Hall at 7:30pm and the speaker will be Dr Arthur Holman.

Dr Holman is one of the society’s most popular speakers and his talk this time will be on South America, which should prove very interesting and informative.

Visitors are welcome at £2 each or society membership is available for a £5 annual subscription.

The Village Choir is for people who live in villages, e.g. Pett, Fairlight, Guestling, Icklesham, etc.

It will be restarting on Monday 31st January at Pett Chapel at the normal time of 7.30pm. From February they will be meeting twice a month.

All singers and those who feel they can’t sing are welcome. This is for the fun of singing and getting together.

Mary Saint, Pett Road


The monthly meeting of Brede Women’s Institute that would normally have been held last week will now take place this coming Wednesday, 19th, in the Village Hall at 2.00 pm. Gary Skipsey, chef at the Red Lion, will be talking about “Cooking the Day’s Catch”. The competition will be for a Seaside Item. Visitors are welcome.

Bookings are still being taken for the annual Quiz Evening, run by the Friends of St. George, being held in the Village Hall. on Saturday, 29th

Entrance is £7.50 (including supper) with teams of up to eight people. Tables can be booked by calling Marion on 01424-751165.

If you enjoy walking then make a note of Saturday, 29th, when Nick Brown is conducting a walk of around 5½-miles in the area of Bodiam Castle and Sandhurst Cross.

The walk will start at 10.30 am from the car park at Bodiam Castle. For further details please contact Nick Brown on 07918-907265.

The re-arranged date for the Concert by Cranbrook Town Band that had to be cancelled in December is now Thursday, 3rd February at 7.45 pm.

Proceeds go to the Poppy Appeal. Admission is £4.00 – pay at the door.

Services at St. George’s Church during the coming week will be a Sung Eucharist at 9.30 am and Intercessions and Evening Prayer at 4.30 pm on Sunday, 16th, with Holy Communion on Wednesday, 19th, at 10.00 am, and on Tuesday, 18th, Thursday, 20th, Friday, 21st, and Saturday, 22nd, at 9.00 am.

Trinity Methodist Church continues at Broad Oak this Sunday, 16th, for their regular service at 11.00 am which will, be conducted by the Revd. Michael Ward.

Summary of this week’s activities at the Village Hall:

Monday, 17th: Age Concern (10.30 am), Rainbows (4.30 pm), Brownies (5.30 pm), Whist Drive (7.30 pm); Tuesday, 18th: Painting for Pleasure (10.00 am); Wednesday, 19th: Brede W.I. Meeting (2.00 pm); Thursday, 20th: Stretch and Tone (9.30 am), Tai Chi (2.00 pm); Friday, 21st: Farmers’ Market (10.00 am), Short Mat Bowls (7.30 pm).

Scout Hut, Stubb Lane: Monday, 17th: Beavers (5.30 pm) and Cubs (6.45 pm); Tuesday, 18th: Scouts (7.00 pm).

If you have anything to be put in the column it can be sent e-mail to:

JOHN MAY, Mill Lands


The themes for this term at the Primary School will be space and transport. If anyone in the village has any interesting artefacts, or specialist knowledge on these themes, please contact the school, as they would love to hear from you.

Focus for Personal and Social Education is “Going for Goals” - persevering, trying hard, celebrating achievements and being positive. Again, if anyone has an interesting story to tell - triumph over adversity, get in touch!

The school will be working with the Parish Council to decide how to celebrate the Royal Wedding, so watch this space.

This evening (Friday) badminton clubs meet in the Pretious Sports Hall at 5.30pm (Primary school-age), 6.30pm (Secondary school age) and 8pm (Adults). Dance Club meets in the Village Hall at 7.30pm for Sequence Dancing. Northiam Plotters hold their AGM in the Jenkins Room of the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

On Saturday, Gymnastics clubs run in the Pretious Sports Hall between 9am and 5pm, and Northiam Village Hall Trust will be holding a Jumble Sale which starts at 2.30pm. Donations can be taken to the Hall between 10am and noon.

There will be an ESCC walk in Winchelsea on Saturday, starting from Winchelsea station at 10.30am for a town cellar tour, which is a bit different!

The cellars in question were originally used for wine trading when Winchelsea was a busy port. The walk is about 2 miles, starting with an uphill walk from the station, followed by a level walk around Winchelsea visiting properties with ancient cellars.

Booking is essential, phone 07891 556897, and there will be a £5 charge to go to the cellar charity. John Spencer and Sam Bryant, Sussex Community Rail Partnership will lead the walk. Bring a torch.

The 10.30am church service on Sunday will be held in the Village Hall – all welcome for this more informal time of worship.

There will be gymnastics in the Pretious Sports Hall between 9am and 11.30am, and Bodiam Castle suggests you blow away the cobwebs with a one hour guided tour around the grounds and castle led by one of their Medieval characters, followed by a two course roast lunch in the Terrace Room. Gates open 11am, with tours from 11.30am – 2.30pm. All tickets £25 – to book, phone 01580 830074.

On Monday, sports on offer are Yoga, Shortmat Bowls and Pilates in the Village Hall, with Badminton in the Pretious Sports Hall at 5.45pm.

Northiam Friendly Bridge Club meets in the Jenkins Room at 2pm with refreshments provided. Bridge players from Northiam or further afield are welcome, and you can go on your own, or with a partner, as you prefer.

The only requirement is that you come ready to play Chicago (not rubber) bridge in a friendly and relaxed spirit. You are very welcome to just turn up, or contact Judith O’Connor (25114) or Eve Willard (253431) to sign up, or e-mail

Toddlers meet in the Pretious Sports Hall on a Tuesday morning between 9.15am and 11.15am with many activities, a healthy snack and the chance to meet new friends.

Tuesday is the evening for exercise to music, and the Street Dance, Hip Hop and Funky Dance sessions will be back on Tuesday at 5.30pm (6-12years) and 6.30pm (13-18years).

Call Charmaine Masters 07816 417538 for more details. Line Dancing is in the Village Hall at 7pm, and Penny’s Keep Fit/Aerobics is in the Pretious Sports Hall at 7.45pm.

Wednesday brings us Pilates in the Village Hall (ring Sarah 01424 882285 if you would like to join), followed by Shortmat Bowls and Karate. Coffee Stop opens in the Church Centre each Wednesday between 10am and 12 noon for a chance to meet with friends and have a chat. Gymnastics Club meets in the Pretious Sports Hall at 6.15pm.

Thurday Seniors meeting the Village Hall on Thursday, and will be followed by the Lace Group at 6.45pm in the Jenkins Room.

Don’t forget to book your choice of entertainment for Friday 21st January. The Conservation Society’s Wine and Wisdom evening will be held in Northiam Village Hall. To book your place (singly or in teams of up to 8) telephone Lynn or Mervyn on 253443. The cost of £6 per person includes light refreshments, and there will be a bar and raffle.

Rye and District Lions’ Winter Warmer brass band concert with Sussex Brass will be held in Beckley Village Centre at 7.45pm.

Tickets at £6 are available from Beckley Motors or phone 0845 8332825. The concert is held in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, and is always very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment.

The Village Hall Trust are holding a Book Sale next Saturday (22nd) from 10.30am until 1pm.

We are promised an enormous amount of books, puzzles, DVDs. Videos and ephemera, so come along and stock up.

Church Services (16th): 8am Holy Communion, 10.30am Service in the Village Hall

KAREN AYLING, The White House, Dixter Road


Firstly, wishing you all a belated Happy New Year and hopefully a healthy one. My own start to 2011 did not begin very well with a virus infection, hence there was no column last week.

Tomorrow evening (Saturday) there is a Quiz Night in Staplecross village hall to provide some fun to these cold winter evenings. It starts at 7.00 pm and there will be soup and French bread on offer; should you wish for something alcoholic, then feel free to Bring Your Own bottle and a glass. Teams will be of 4 or 6, so either make up your team beforehand or wait until the evening when there are always plenty of people wishing to join in. The event is being organised by members of Ewhurst, Staplecross and Bodiam Garden Society and is open to everyone.

Saturday morning sees the funeral of Grace West at St James, Ewhurst Green at 11.30 am.

Time is ticking by for SCATS’ production of Treasure Island to take place in the village hall on the last weekend of the month. The first night is on Friday 28 at 7.30pm and on Saturday there are two performances, a matinee at 2.00pm and evening at 7.30pm.

Tickets are now available from the village shop, or by ringing 830570 or 830245. The prices are £5 for adults, with children and concessions at £2.50.

Hilary Ganly’s popular art classes continue again, but with a difference. The classes will now be held on Thursday mornings between 10.30am-12.30pm in Staplecross village hall. Newcomers wishing to join should ring Hilary on 830704 who will give details of the class

MARY REEVE, Wodens Wood, Cripps Corner


It has been a very uneventful week in Hurst Green which gives the opportunity to remind readers of regular items which need to be born in mind.

Support for local businesses is essential and there are a number which provide excellent service, eg Avards the baker and the farm shops. Etchingham stores should be supported when possible and on visits to the post office

We are lucky to have two hairdressers one of which Teknique kindly takes in items for the troops’ boxes.

Some very important developments are happening in the next week or two regarding the church and the post office complex.

School and playgroup have started the new terms in the new building where everyone seems to be happily settled.

Weather has damaged verges and destroyed posts in parts of the village and this has caused comments that Hurst Green is neglected in this respect when compared with other villages. Is this comment valid, if so what is to be done about it?

Church service on Sunday as usual at 9.30. All welcome and children especially welcome.

Chiropody clinic in Wednesday and Thursday. Jeremy Harris 01797 230 251 mobile 0799991 7948 Aerobics Class Tuesday 8-9 Martial arts (Juniors) 6-7 (Seniors) 7-8 Jumping Beans Tuesday 1.30-2.30 Trefoil Guild 01580 819 330 Maestro Babies (early music learning) 01580 880 135 Mobile Library calls at the Village Hall Friday 2.25- 3.15 Jemspon’s Peasmarsh bus picks up at the George Tuesday 1.25

There is a scheme for elderly and disabled people in council houses which offers help in home or garden for small jobs. Details and conditions 0845

871 321

All times for this column 01580 860 340 or flora@jennerations .com

Flora Jenner, Max Gate, Burgh Hill


Last week it was the mixed pairs competition for Mountfield darts club.

They had two pairs entered but neither progressed to the next stage.

They have a bye this week, so the next game is darts team Knock Out on the 21st January.

David Chaplin took a lovely Family Service on Sunday 9th January, much enjoyed by young and old alike.

Especially singing a chorus new to some of the little ones and their parents, but well remembered by some of us older ones, ‘Jesus bids us shine’.

We were very grateful to Arren Keith for playing the organ for us at such short notice, Jackie Spriggs having gone down with a chest infection.

We hope she will soon feel better.

Extend class was cancelled due to illness and hospital appointments.

Hopefully we shall all be fighting fit for the next one, Monday 17th January 9.45am in the village hall.

Same reasons for the lower numbers for Lunch club, only 9 of us on Monday at Leeford Place, but we had a super lunch, and made up for small numbers with lots of interactive conversations with everyone joining in.

Thought you might like the following I was suddenly inspired to write.

So it’s 2011 and a Happy New Year,

But not a very good start I fear,

With the wind and the rain and the snow and the ice-

And absolutely everything going up in price.

They say it’s an economic crisis in which we all share,

But there’s parts of that statement that don’t quite strike fair.

They’ve raised VAT to make prices higher,

Then restricted the pay of the hopeful buyer,

And as for colleges and schools and free education,

We’ll end up with no professors or BA’s in our nation.

To encourage the young to start life hugely in debt,

Is a decision I fear we will live to regret.

In my youth you bought what you could afford or saved till you had enough

But the generation of today would feel that far too tough.

They are encouraged to ‘buy’ what they want now and pay for it later,

Not always realising the price will be greater.

When oh when are we going to learn

That outgoings should balance with what we earn-

With a government spending so much abroad-

Leaving our country with debts it can’t afford,

Britain I fear is no longer great,

With our economy in such a state.

Let’s hope this New Year will bring

Some sane and sensible reasoning-

And hopefully before too long,

Our economy will again be strong.

Ruby Willis, 1 Brickyard Cottages


If you would like to hire the Community Hall for functions it is available at very reasonable rates. Please contact Sue on 01797 226618 for details.

You can look at Icklesham Parish Council’s latest website and there you will find news on the four wards: Icklesham, Winchelsea, Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour.

In addition there are ideas on places to visit and a gallery of photos that you might find in a handy tourist brochure.

Up to date information is available on subjects like the Town Plan and IPC meetings as well as contact details of all your local councillors.

It’s a real bonus to the area.

Cindi Cogswell, 31, High Fords, Icklesham


The Literary Society will be meeting on Friday 21st January at 7 for 7.30 pm in the Lower Court Hall. A talk with the intriguing title ‘Kipling the Misunderstood Genius’ has been arranged by John Walker of the Kipling Society. Non-members are welcome and light refreshments will be available.

The Rye and District Association of the National Trust continue its winter Talks season with ‘The Life and Work of E.F.Benson’ by Allan Downend’ on Thursday 20th January. E.F Benson was a prolific writer who began his career in the late 19th century. He lived for many years at Lamb House in Rye and several of his Mapp and Lucia stories were set in a town recognisable as Rye.

As always, the Talks are held at Beckley Village Hall commencing at 2.30 pm. The entrance fee of £2 (members) and £3 (non-members) includes refreshments after the talk. This will be followed on Saturday 29th January with a Members coffee morning in the tea rooms at Bodiam Castle which will start at 10.30 am.

It is the turn of St Thomas’ Church to host the United Service on Sunday 23rd January at 3 pm. The preacher will be Rev. Stephen Maunder of the Methodist Circuit and all are welcome to attend. Refreshments are available after the service.

‘Walks in 1066 Country’ written by Nick Brown contains a series of 14 walks in the 1066 area and is recommended by the local tourist board.

As part of the Exploring East Sussex programme Nick has arranged some free guided walks which feature in his book. On Saturday 29th January meet in the National Trust car park at Bodiam Castle, 10 for 10.30 am, for a walk of 5.75 miles.

You will pass some lovely views on the route through Sandhurst Cross and then finish with a ‘dramatic descent to the castle’.

This is one of Nick’s favourite routes and has a rating of 3 which is moderate. Dogs are welcome and if you would like to make a donation in aid of St Michael’s Hospice all will be gratefully received.

Refreshments are available at the NT tea rooms or The Castle pub opposite and to confirm your attendance please contact Nick Brown on 07918 907265.

Cindi Cogswell, 31, High Fords, Icklesham


The Iden and District Natural History Society will be meeting tonight, Friday 14th, at 7.30 pm in Iden Village Hall to view slides of ‘Spring Wildlife in the Rockies’ presented by John Buckingham.

There will be a Whist Drive in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm on Wednesday.

Iden Parish Council met on Tuesday 4 January at which the 5 Parish Councillors were present, together with County Councillor Keith Glazier and District Councillors Paul Osborne and Nick Ramus. 8 members of the public also attended.

The various outstanding items were unable to be taken forward mainly because of the Christmas break and the Tree Warden’s report was carried over to the next meeting.

There were no planning matters to discuss.

It was agreed that Public Question Time would continue to be the first item on the agenda of future meetings and not at the end as had been suggested by a resident.

The budget for the year 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 was agreed. The amount required from the Council Tax payers (the precept) is to be reduced from £9,500 to £8,000.

With the County and District Council Tax remaining unchanged, this will at least mean that Iden residents will see a reduction in their bill, albeit for around £6 pa for Band D payers.

Councillor Glazier was asked about the question of a reduction of the speed limit through the village which is scheduled to be reviewed this year by the County Council.

The meeting was advised that the review will go ahead as planned, although there was no commitment that we would see this result in a reduction to 30mph. An update was also given on the plans for Deadmans Lane which will be one way on an experimental basis

The District Councillors again referred to the tough budget regime at Rother where services will be under considerable pressure during the coming year.

Working with other nearby Councils is being pursued in order to share costs and staff would not receive any pay rise in return for a no redundancy commitment.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 1 February at 7.30pm in Iden Village Hall

Residents will have seen that Geoff and Elizabeth have now started at Iden Stores and we wish them both well.

It is important that everyone gives them support by using the shop and Post Office as much as possible.

Geoff tells us that he is thinking of introducing new services such as dry cleaning and shoe repairs.

Please call in and make their acquaintance if you have not already done so

It is so easy to take this resource for granted and we tend to forget that it was because of his generosity and sense of public duty that Christopher Strangeways saved the shop from closure 12 years ago.

This was of course helped by a sizeable financial contribution from residents.

We could easily have gone the same way as other local villages that do not have a shop- just think about that!- it is even more important that we never allow Iden to end up without a shop too- either we use it or we lose it!

I am advised that the bowls club annual jumble sale will be on Saturday February 5 - if you have any to contribute please contact Carol on 280454 but no electrical items!

Iden and District Natural history Society will be holding two lectures this month. Today (Friday January 14) there will be a talk on Spring Wildlife in the Rockies by John Buckingham and on Friday 28 January one on Lichens by Keith Palmer. All lectures are at Iden Village Hall at 7.30pm- visitors £2.50

Do not forget that the Iden and Playden Garden Society are holding their Social Evening at Iden Village Hall on Friday 21 January at 7.30pm Details of this and membership- just £5pa- from Yvonne on 280205

The 9.30 am service for the second Sunday of Epiphany will be Parish Communion.

MARION LOVELL, Abingworth, New England Lane, Playden


What a disaster! The Activate Club House suffered a flood just before Christmas.

Most of the water was pumped out but there was a certain amount of damage, warped boards etc.

The team have taken this opportunity to redecorate and sort out the Club House but that is a lot of work so if you can help in any way please contact Wendy Hatch or any of the other helpers.

There will be plenty to do Tuesday and Thursday evenings during normal club hours.

Activate are hoping that the club will be up and running for 18 January but check on the website before turning up.

There is also a coffee and prayer meeting Monday 31st January at 10.30am in Pett Chapel.

Wheelie good news. This coming Monday, 17 Jan, is the first ‘recycle’ collection week of the year with the green wheelie bin and boxes.

As from now on the collections are back to normal, every fortnight. The only difference being that you can now put cardboard in your green wheelie bin for recycling.

You can put in any folder cardboard but please remove any parcel tape etc.

You could dance all night. The Fairfest team are planning a Valentines Day dance on Saturday 12th February.

The tickets, £7.50, will be on sale shortly. There will be dancing to ‘The Kytes’ with a bar, buffet and raffle. This promises to be a really good night, don’t miss it.

Some more TLC. A reminder that The Tuesday Ladies Club meets this coming Tuesday, 18 January.

There will be A Review of 2010, a Lace Making demonstration and a Quiz. Non members are welcome as visitors for just £2.

Oh yes they are. There are only a few tickets left for the pantomime,’ Puss In Boots’, on sale at the Fairlight Post Office.

The show runs from Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 January inclusive. There is a matinee on Saturday at 2.30pm. The other performances are 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There are some familiar faces in the cast as well as some new ones. It should be a good show so book now to avoid disappointment.

The Fairlight Players held the ‘read through’ of their next production, ‘Not Now Darling’ by Ray Cooney, last Monday evening.

This is a new idea for the Players to familiarise perspective actors with the play before auditioning for a role. There was a good attendance with plenty of laughter.

The auditions will have taken place by the time you read this, so watch this space for more news.

If you missed these events we are holding further auditions for our summer production of ’Caramba’s Revenge’ on Thursday 20 January 7.30 at Pett Methodist Chapel, Pett.

What’s new pussy cat? Good news, Truly the missing cat has come home fit and well after being absent for nine days. She turned up looking well fed and smelling of perfume. If only cats could talk!

Keith Pollard, Brookfield, Broadway


From Westfield Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. Sunday 16 January (Epiphany II):8.00 am Holy Communion (1662)9.30 am Nine Thirty Start (All-age service) 10.30 am Parish Eucharist. Next week, Tuesday 7.30 pm Prayer Group—59 Heathlands Wednesday 9.30 am Holy Communion, Saturday 7.30 pm Murder Mystery evening (more information below).

Children’s Society, many thanks to all who use the Children’s Society boxes at home. Please could you bring your box to church for emptying as soon as is possible. If anyone would like to start using a box please contact Betty Held (753378).

Barn Dance. Tickets are available now for the Barn Dance with The Reel Thing in the Parish Hall on Saturday 22 January, starting at 7.30 pm.

Cost is £7.50 for adults and £4.50 for children, including a ploughman’s supper. Bring your own drinks. Tickets from church or Archers.

Many thanks also to all those who made a donation at the Christingle Service, which raised £248.78.

The church often has white candle stubs left over, especially after Christmas. If any member of the community could find a use for these for candle-making, batik, etc, you would be very welcome. Please contact The Vicar, Rev Evan France (01424-751029).

For further information contact Rev. Evan France, The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Westfield, Hastings, TN35 4SD, telephone 01424 751029.

Tickets are selling well for the Murder Mystery Evening tomorrow, Saturday January 15 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

This event is for teams of about 6 people, and is organised by 1st Westfield Scout Group with the help of Rye Players.

Tickets are £6 including supper, but please bring your own drink. They are available from Archers Butchers or ring 01424 753684 or 754080.

The first Community Lunch of 2011 is next Friday, January 21. Telephone Joan (01424 752463) or Barbara (754618) to book or for more information.

Westfield Parish Church is running a Barn Dance on Saturday, January 22 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall, with local band ‘The Reel Thing’ making sure you enjoy yourself. Everyone is welcome – this is for novices and experts alike, and suitable for all ages.

Tickets are on sale now from Church, Archers Butchers, or ring 01424 753684. Admission is £7.50 (children £4.50) including a ploughman’s supper, but please bring your own drink.

The Friends of Westfield Church are holding a Coffee Morning on Saturday, January 29 from 10am to 12 noon in the Parish Hall. This replaces the cancelled Christmas Fayre.

Admission is 50p, which includes tea or coffee, and children are free. There will be lots of stalls, including a tombola, raffles, crafts, plants, cakes and nearly new.

The next F3 meeting is in a few weeks time, all women are invited to the Scottish evening on January 27.

The Hub re-opened last Friday January 7. To find out more about the Hub call in at ‘The Old Courthouse’ on Fridays from 10am-12 noon, email, visit the website, or ring 07531 766830.

It seems a long way ahead, but the first 1066 Relay is planned for 8 May 2011 and planning needs to start early if the race is to go ahead. The 1066 Relay will follow the 1066 Country Walk route (Stage 4 passes though Westfield) and should attract a huge number of runners.

The organisers are asking for the help of volunteers to act as marshals for about half an hour. Nick Brown would be delighted to hear from anyone who can help.

Visit to find out about the race, or contact Nick on 07918 907265.

Westfield WI meets in the Parish Hall on the second Tuesday of the month at 2.15 pm, and new members are always made welcome.

The first meeting of the new year was on January 11, when Ian Millington will be talking about ‘A Policeman’s Lot’, and the competition is an item of police memorabilia.

Members are reminded that plans will be finalised for the ‘Christmas’ lunch at the Brickwall Hotel in February.

Do ring our President Carol on 01424 753757 if you would like more information.

Remember that the Westfield Village Community Website carries useful and interesting information on village life, groups and business services.

News, photos and other contributions are always welcome.

Would you like to see the broadband speed improved locally? Do you think that Westfield broadband speeds need upgrading? BT is conducting a national vote to see which exchanges will be upgraded for broadband in 2011.

Local businesses and domestic users alike are finding the broadband service in Westfield area to be exceptionally slow at times. If you would like to see this improved please add your vote by visiting and following the instructions.

1000 votes are needed to get the service improvements to Baldslow, so please spread the word and tell your friends as we do not want to lose out on the chance to improve our connection.

Westfield Beavers have a few places at present for boys or girls aged 6 plus who are looking for fun and friends.

We offer varied activities so come and give it a try. Contact Sue on 01424 425492 or Rose on 01424 754080 for more details.

Westfield Football Club is still looking for helpers on match days and for preparation. For more information please contact the Secretary at or visit

The Westfield Golf Fellowship’s Christmas event, the annual trip to the Weald of Kent on December 29 was won by Paul Burton in foggy conditions, maybe not being able to see helped his game!

The “Race to Headcorn” annual overall golfer of the year was won by Tim Linch, well done to him. New venues are being planned, please watch this space for information.

The European Tour 2011 is now confirmed as Bournemouth from June 12. Please email or telephone Nick on 07939 587796 for further information.

Rye & District Lions Hit a High Note. The Music Well, based in Rye, provides music therapy on a one to one basis or in group sessions with a Rye resident, Liz Butt, who is a qualified music therapist, who develops a healing relationship through improvised music.

Those benefiting from the music therapy do not need to have musical skills as the instruments are all selected to be easy to play.

This music therapy is designed to help all age groups and especially those with problems, such as autism, depression, communication difficulties and addresses the person on physical, emotional and psychological levels.

Liz Butt also runs a similar service for children at local schools, some of whom have special needs and these sessions are not to teach children musical skills, but to use improvised music as a medium for therapeutic aims.

In addition The Music Well runs Drumming Circles and Singing Groups at various locations in Rye and welcomes all age groups. Home visits for music therapy and activities can be arranged for any who are housebound due to age or illness.

The Music Well depends to a great extent upon contributions and donations and Rye & District Lions Club have presented the Music Well with a cheque for £400. This is the Lions fourth donation to this cause, making a total of £1,300 over the last four years.

Liz would be delighted if other clubs and organisations could assist and would be even more pleased if a corporate sponsor became involved with the charity. More information about The Music Well can be found on their website at .

Rye Lions are able to make donations such as this due to the generosity of the public in supporting them when they are fund-raising, such as at their recent Christmas collections outside supermarkets and also their stall at Rye’s Christmas Festival.

Rye Lions also recently donated £100 to Crisis at Christmas, £100 to Surviving Christmas and £250 to Rye’s Age Concern.

Rye Lions next fund-raising event is their 6th “Winter Warmer” Brass Band Concert by Sussex Brass at Beckley Village Centre at 7.45pm on Friday, 21st January.

Tickets are £6 which includes an arrival refreshment and are available from Beckley Motors or from 0845 833 2825 or at the door, although this event has been sold-out for the last four years.

All proceeds from the Concert will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Due to a restructuring of the area which Lions clubs cover, the villages of Newenden, Sandhurst, Hawkhurst, Staplecross and Bodiam now fall within Rye & District Lions remit and they would be delighted to accept new members from any of these villages.

Any adult in their District interested should contact Dennis Kemp on 01424 752553. In addition to having fun raising money for those less fortunate than themselves, the Lions enjoy a social evening every month. Further information from Conrad Freezer, President, Rye & District Lions Club, 01797 252921 or email

To help with planning, for the foreseeable future could contributors please get any information to me by 10:00 am on the Sunday prior to publication.

To send information for the Westfield Village Voice, please email



Get your brain in gear for the New Year!

The first Peasmarsh Quiz night of 2011 has been arranged for January 22nd, so clear your diaries, give your brain a work out and come along for a night of friendly (but competitive!) fun.

Teams of up to eight members, entrance £5.00 which includes a ploughman’s supper, bring your own drinks. Hope to see lots of you there.

We also have a date for the next quiz – March 5th – so put that in your diaries too!

It was good to see (and hear!) the footballers out on the Recreation Ground again last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday teams were busy – I expect they have some matches to catch up on because of all the snow.

Hope Peasmarsh did well both days.

Final reminder about the Pampered Chef evening at the Pre School on Wednesday 19th Jan 2011 at 7.30pm - all welcome.

Peasmarsh Flying-Start Parent & Toddler Group is held every Tuesday afternoon during term time, at the pre-school in School Lane and welcomes all children under the age of 5 and their families.

The group starts at 1.20pm and costs £2 per family

Mary Hitchins, 2 The Old Hop Gardens


Please make one of your resolutions for this year to try and support as many village events as possible, one of the first and easiest ways is to buy a quiz sheet from Sedlescombe village stores.

Priced at £1, these are sold every month in aid of the Friendship Club with a prize for the top scorer at the end of the month.

It is something you can complete in your own time and who knows you may even be a winner next month.

Don’t forget to get your tickets early for the barn dance at the village hall on Saturday January 29 at 7.30pm.

The caller will be Janice Bolton who has many years experience, something you will not need to have, as all instructions are given loud and clear on the evening.

This makes an evening that can be enjoyed by all age groups so it should prove to be great fun as the dances begin to take shape before your very eyes.

Tickets which will include supper are just £5 adults, £3 Children and you are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Tickets are now available from Margaret on 870808, Sylvia on 870688 or collect direct from Sedlescombe stores.

The next in the series of free local guided walks of 1066 country will be taking place on Saturday January 29 from Bodiam Castle at 10.30am.

Meet in the National Trust car park at the castle. A cracking walk of 5.75miles with lovely views most of the way round the route, passing through Sandhurst Cross and finishing with a dramatic descent to the castle.

This has rating of moderate and is a favourite of Nick Brown who will be leading the walk. You will be able to refresh yourselves afterwards at the NT tea rooms or the Castle Inn opposite.

Dogs are welcome. The walks are available as part of East Sussex County Council exploring Sussex programme but it is suggested that a donation to St Michaels Hospice would be appreciated.

Please contact Nick on 07918 907265 beforehand to confirm if you would like to go along, also it is advisable to check o the day in the event of heavy rain forecast.

Planning for this year’s Sedlescombe summer fayre gets off the ground with the first meeting of the new committee on Monday January 24 at 8pm at 2 Forge Cottages.

If you have an event coming up in the local area or would like to have a small piece, outlining your club or organisation aims, activities, membership etc. then please contact me by email to or by calling 870344.

Judy Torrance, Asselton House


Hooe Parish Council will be holding their next parish council meeting on January 17, 2011 7.30pm at the Hooe Village Hall. All Hooe residents are invited to attend and share their views.

The pupils of Ninfield CE School started back at school last week after their Christmas break.

With the staff and pupils all refreshed (and recovered from their flus and colds) it is straight back into a full schedule right up to Easter.

December saw the school receive the renewal of their Healthy Schools Award in December.

Healthy Schools is intended to deliver real benefits in respect of: Improvement in health and reduced health inequalities; Raised pupil achievement; More social inclusion; and, closer working between health promotion providers and education establishments.

Congratulations to Miss Staplehurst, who did a lot of the work to enable the school to fulfill all the criteria.

December also saw the departure of Mr Palmer who came back for a term to cover year 5. I believe that he found an offer from one of the Ugly Sisters at the panto that the school saw in December too good to miss out on!

He has been replaced by Ms Sanderson.

The school will also be participating in Education Sunday (February 6). Education Sunday is a national day of prayer and celebration in England and Wales, for everyone involved in the world of education, and is marked by Christian churches around the UK & Ireland.

In 2011 the theme is ‘Firm Foundations’ exploring the importance of education as a foundation for life, as well as looking the Bible’s teachings about firm foundation.

In addition this year especially celebrates the contribution of the churches to education.

Then there is the ice skating rink on February 17, 3.30pm - 7pm at the school. There are still a few places left for skating. If you would like to take one of these places the cost is £4.50 per person for 1/2 hour skate. Please book your tickets with Mrs Sleet at the school, Tel: 01424 892486 (opt 20).

Payment will need to be made to the school by February 14, to secure your place.

There is also winter warmer refreshments, fair ground rides and more. The school would welcome the local community to come along and join in and looks forward to seeing you there.

Ninfield Golden Circle meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 2.30pm to 4.00pm in the Memorial Hall. They have a variety of speakers and entertainments during the year and this is always followed by delicious teas provided by the members.

They are a very informal and friendly club and would always make visitors and prospective members very welcome.

Their next meeting which is their AGM, is on Tuesday January 18, at 2.30pm in Ninfield Memorial Hall and if you are interested in visiting or joining us you would be more than welcome.

St Marys Church, Ninfield are holding their monthly Winter lunch on Wednesday January 19, 2011. The lunches are held in the Reading Room, Church Lane 12pm to 1.30pm.

There will be soup, bread, cheese, tea and coffee and a chance for a good chat. There is no charge for these lunches but a donation to charity is appreciated.

For further information, please contact Elaine on 01424 846477.

The Ninfield Horticultural Society are having a meeting on January 19 at Ninfield Memorial Hall, 7.30pm. Colin Page will be demonstrating ‘Plants and Flowers’. For more information please contact Rose Franks 892422.

2011 is the Diamond Anniversary of Ninfield Horticultural Society. It has around 70 members and has monthly lectures between October and April. Their numbers are swelled by entrants and visitors to our Annual Spring and Summer Shows, and Plant Sale.

You don’t have to be a gardener to join the Society and they really welcome new members and visitors. Their programme is on the village website and is publicised around the village and in this column.

Their Diamond Celebration Evening is on June 4, 2011 with Pippa Greenwood from ‘Gardener’s Question Time’ as our guest speaker. Tickets are on sale now with priority booking for members until February.

Please go to their next evening (as above) or contact Rose, or 01424 892422.

A change of booking by Bexhill Horticultural Society has meant an unfortunate clash of date with their Annual Spring Show on March 26.

Ninfield needs your support so we hope that you will still enter and visit our Show. Schedules are available now in the Village Post Office so you can plan your entries!

The East Sussex County Council Mobile Library service will next be in the villages on Saturday, January 22, 2011:

Hooe, opposite Denbigh Court, 1.50pm - 2.35pm, Ninfield, Millfield (Manchester Road), 2.50pm - 3.25pm, Ninfield, Downsview (Church Lane), 3.40pm - 4.05pm.

The 1st Ninfield Scout Group is holding a Jumble Sale on Saturday January 29, 2pm at Ninfield Memorial Hall. You are invited to go and join in the post Christmas bargain hunting, raffle and refreshments.

If you have any jumble that you would like collected, please call one of the following team: Peter Mann - 01424 892640, Sandra Titherley - 01424 892848, Dick Creasey - 07970559226 or John Gladstone - 01424 734938. Alternatively, you can drop off your jumble at the hall on Friday January 28 after 6pm, or on the Saturday after 8.30am.

The Catsfield Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) Pantomine “The Lost Land of Narkurs”, was due to take place at the beginning of December but due to the weather, was postponed to January 20, 21 and 22, 2011.

This will be held at the Catsfield Village Hall, 7.30pm (2.30pm Saturday matinee). There are still a few tickets available for Thursday January 20 and the Saturday (January 22) matinee.

If you would like to purchase one of these tickets, please contact Mike Cooper on 01424 892681.

Ninfield Parish Council will be meeting on February 3, 2011 at 7.15pm in the Methodist Church Hall. All Ninfield residents are invited to attend and share their views.

Ninfield Flower Group are holding a meeting on Monday February 7, commencing 7,30pm in the Memorial Hall. Their evenings workshop is titled “Take Five Flowers”. For further information on the flower group, please email:

There are plans to hold a Village Exhibition in Hooe Village Hall on Saturday September 24, 2011. Obviously an exhibition needs exhibits and so, if you have anything of historical interest, photographs, documents, letters or records of organisations - anything at all - Peter and Pam would love to hear from you.

Maybe you would like to join the organising team? Please contact Pam or Peter Doodes on 01424 892329.

BT held a competition to find out which area has the most interest in High Speed Broadband.

The more votes an area had in proportion to their local exchange size the greater chance there was in getting into the top five and getting to the front of the queue for this essential facility.

Many thanks to everyone who voted but we did not succeed in securing enough votes to win this competition. However, our District Councillor, Pam Doodes would like to hear from anyone who has problems with access to or speed of Broadband, as she will continue with her efforts to obtain better Broadband coverage in our area. You can contact Pam on 01424 892329 or email

Church Services for Ninfield and Hooe:

St Mary’s Services (Church of England, Ninfield): Sundays - 9.30am Parish Eucharist (Family Service on 1st Sunday of the month). 1st Sunday of the month - 6pm Book of Common Prayer Communion. Wednesdays - 10.00am Holy Communion

St Oswald’s Services (Church of England, Hooe): Sundays - 11.15am Parish Eucharist (Family Service on 1st Sunday of the month)

Ninfield Methodist Church - all services at 2.30pm: January 16, 2011 Worship Service led by Revd Marion Proud. January 23, 2011 Worship Service led by Mrs Margaret Bickerdike. January 30, 2011 Worship Service led by Mr David Hanson. February 6, 2011 Worship Service led by Revd Malcolm Hope. February 13, 2011 Worship Service led by revd Marion Proud.

Anything that you would like included in the Village Voice for Ninfield or Hooe, please email the details to me:

Rachel Feeley, 17 Smith Close, Ninfield