Village worried over burglaries

POLICE are to meet with Peasmarsh residents next week to address growing concerns over burglaries in the village.

A meeting with Inspector James Scott and other members of the local police team has been arranged at the request of residents.

It takes place at 6.30pm on Tuesday November 19th at The Peasmarsh Memorial Hall and members of the public resident in Peasmarsh or Rye Foreign who may have concerns are urged to attend.

Resident David Pankhurst said: “Residents are becoming increasingly alarmed and fearful that Peasmarsh is at risk of suffering another spate of burglaries similar to those which occurred in Autumn 2012 and early in 2013.

PC Paul Fielder of the Rye Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “People are invited to attend the meeting and discuss with local officers our response to these burglaries.

“If you are unable to attend the meeting then please contact Sussex Police if you see or hear anything you deem to be suspicious or out of the ordinary at the time you see it.

“What may seem insignificant to you could lead to a burglary being prevented or solved.

“Please take all necessary actions to secure your property, and if you are going out please ask your neighbours to be vigilant. Also please consider marking your property to make it identifiable.

“If you would like a free crime prevention survey, please contact your local team on 101 ext 566262.”

You can contact Sussex Police on 101 or if you believe a crime is in progress please use the emergency number 999.