Villagers promised better services

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ICKLESHAM residents will get better services while paying less council tax.

That is the aim of the parish council, which met recently to set its budget for next year.

Councillors were keen to see additional services provided for people who live in the parish. They say they are working with residents to provide modern recreation facilities for all age groups on the recreation ground, as well as working with Rye Community Transport with the aim of providing a better service for residents to get to Hastings and Rye.

The Council will be inviting residents in other parts of the Parish to become involved in deciding upon improvements they would like to see.

Icklesham parish clerk Steve Foreman said: “There is a cost to doing this but the Council has been successful in setting a budget that will attract additional funding from other sources to largely pay for some of the extra services planned.

“This means the portion of Council tax paid to the Parish Council will reduce a little this year while at the same time the service the Parish Council provides will increase and improve.

“This year the Council received £94,633.00 from Council tax. This is equivalent to £1.37 each week for a household living in a property in Band D for Council tax. Next year this will reduce to £94,183.00.

“The Council expects to spend £105,752.00 this year but next year the plan is to spend significantly more than this by attracting grants and other income. This shows a council that is using its imagination to provide value for money for its residents and all those who pay council tax.”