War veterans’ cash stolen

A CALLOUS thief has stolen a Help For Heroes charity box from a Rye bar.

The theft has been slammed by bar owner Anthony Bailey who is himself a Gulf War veteran.

The charity box was tied to a beer pump at the Bailey’s Bar, at The Strand.

It was stolen last Wednesday evening.

Help For Heroes is one of the fastest growing charities in the UK and provides help and support for service personnel who have suffered serious injuries and trauma in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Collections for Help for Heroes took place at the recent big Reds Over Rye festival event.

Anthony is so upset by the theft that he is offering a four course meal with wine to anyone who can provide information which leads to the arrest of the thief and the return of the charity box.

Kelly Last, who works at Baileys and discovered the theft, said: “It would only have taken a moment to steal the charity box but we cannot understand who would be so low as to do a thing like that.

“Staff are particularly upset as we put 20 percent of the tips we receive into the charity box at the end of the evening.

“Anthony is very upset by this as we raise a lot of money for this charity. We have collected £1,200 in the past year just from the charity boxes alone. He served in the navy during the first Gulf conflict.”

Rye police are investigating the theft. If anyone has any information they can contact the police or Baileys on 01797 229290.

For more information on the charity visit the website www.ngvfa.org.uk.