Waste collection still not working


A Battle family left with mounting piles of rubbish have blamed Rother Council’s waste collection for failing them.

Kate Bird, who has two young children says waste is attracting vermin and foxes are ripping open bags.

She says that despite numerous calls to Rother Council contractors are still failing to collect waste from the family’s Peppering Eye Lane home.

The problems started when Rother changed the collection system last summer and have still not been resolved.

Mrs Bird said: “There was never a problem with collection before the changes came in.

“Because collections are once every two weeks and are missed we are left with around three weeks of rubbish. My husband has phoned on numerous occasions.

“We have two small children and our rubbish includes nappies which have been strewn around the garden when foxes rip open the bins.”

She added: “The changes were obviously done for efficiency and to save costs but I would question how cost-effective that is when they have to deal with a complaint each time and send another vehicle out to collect the waste. It seems a false economy.

A Rother District Council spokesman said: “We do understand how frustrating missed bins are for residents and apologise for the inconvenience it causes. We are investigating the issue of missed collections at this location.

“We are currently doing a great deal of work with the contractor to resolve the small number of repeat misses in remote rural locations and the contractor is doing its best to address these issues.

“In a district of 45,000 households, alternate weekly collections are the affordable and effective way to manage the volume of waste and to ensure we meet the required level of recycled waste.”

Rother proclaimed the new system a success when it was launched at the end of last June but the switchboard was soon swamped by hundreds of people complaining their waste had not been collected.