We need to end Illegal parking ‘mayhem’ in Rye

Illegal parking in Lion Street
Illegal parking in Lion Street

FEARS that a pedestrian could be killed in Rye have led to residents launching their own poster campaign.

Posters showing a young mum with a pushchair being forced into the road due to goods vehicles parking on pavements have appeared around the town.

Problems are being caused in narrow Lion Street with vehicles often ignoring double yellow lines.

Rye Town Council has been doing its best to tackle the problem by working with East Sussex County Council to provide a new loading bay.

But now it is believed this is facing delays due to a local hotel commissioning it’s own transport survey to explore alternatives.

The posters have the headline ‘Wake Up Rye!’ and urge people to contact Rye Town Council.

Rye Town Clerk Richard Farhall said: “The Town Council does not understand why the fly-posted notices ask the reader to ring the Town Hall.

“The photographs depict vehicles parked on roads and pavements in a potentially dangerous manner, yet responsibility for enforcement action currently rests with the Police. Indeed, Rye Police have asked for any calls to be referred to them.

“The Town Council is attempting to alleviate the unloading and parking problems in the vicinity of Lion Street by part-funding the provision of a loading bay in the High Street.

“ East Sussex Highways has designed a scheme and a local business has commissioned a traffic consultant which has resulted in a modified scheme.

“ The Council has asked the Rye Highways Forum to consider both schemes later this month and to make a recommendation.

Rye resident Peter Redmond said: “My wife and her pram have almost been hit twice in the last two months because cars are parked on the pavement and she has had to go around them.

“I see all sorts of abuses on the double yellow lines, this should not be happening. It is mayhem in Rye.

“We don’t have a traffic warden here, is it as simple as this?”