Well loved hall gets an upgrade


Battle Memorial Hall has taken on a new lease of life under the energetic chairmanship of local stalwart Mike Clarke.

Since receiving a significant legacy a couple of years ago the four halls have been improved and modernised to a very great extent.

New heating has been installed in two of the halls whilst the main hall system has been updated to include sophisticated new controls which reduce the amount of gas used whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature. The new soundproofing carpet in the Wynne room is remarkably effective and now enables meetings in the Shephard room below to proceed without the irritating noises off that had become such a nuisance.

The entrance hall is bright and airy and a warm welcome is provided by the new manager, Lisa, who handles all the many bookings with efficiency and friendliness.

The improvements to the Wynne room are particularly significant as this first floor area now has a stair lift.

With its own kitchen and toilets the space lends itself to private parties and functions, including the potential for wedding receptions.

Enthusiasm and support for these improvements was shown by a large audience at a recent tea concert to inaugurate the latest acquisition to the Hall, a Bechstein grand piano that was the centrepiece of the afternoon.

Underlining the significance of these improvements and purchase of the piano, the Hall was able to attract performers of the highest quality who have featured on the international stage.

The playing of two four handed piano works, one by Debussy and the other by Malcolm Arnold, was an outstanding highlight.

The concert was followed by tea in the St Valery Room, kindly provided by the Battle W.I. which proved a fitting conclusion to the afternoon. Although the concert was free many generous donations were received from the audience as people left.

Plans for further improvements to be made will enable the Memorial Hall to claim a position as a major venue for community activities and entertainment in the area.

More information can be obtained by contacting the Hall manager email : battlememorialhall@outlook.com.

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