What now for Rye street lights?

A SIX month trial which has seen Rye’s street lights dimmed or switched off over night has come to an end.

The cost-cutting exercise has meant some area, such as the Tilling Green estate, have had all street lights extinguished between 12.30am and 5.30am.

Tilling Green Residents’ Association raised concerns over the adverse affect on night workers returning home and those, such as lorry drivers, who have early starts.

They were also concerned about the safety of young people on the estate returning home after visiting night clubs.

There was anger in Rye when residents learned that some towns such as Hastings and Eastbourne, will be brightly lit by cost-saving LED lights, despite East Sussex County Council telling Rye Town Council that LED technology was not available.

Speaking at this week’s public services committee, at Rye Town Hall, county council leader Keith Glazier explained: “The six month trial period is now over and a review is taking place now to decide what the outcome will be and to see if any changes need to be made.

“This is a public consultation and any organisation or individual can make their views known.”

Tilling Green Residents’ Association chairman Daliea Redman said: “There are mixed views on the estate at the moment.”

Rupert Clubb, Director of Economy, Transport and Environment, said: “A year ago we were spending close to £1.4million a year on electricity for our street lighting and illuminated signs. We have been forced to make savings.”