What should the council do with Blackfriars development site in Battle?

Blackfriars site Battle SUS-190719-120631001
Blackfriars site Battle SUS-190719-120631001

From: Stephen Jackson, Albert Road, Bexhill

The agenda item which attracted most attention at the recent cabinet meeting (July 1) was the residential development at Blackfriars.

This site in Battle has been to-ing and fro-ing for decades without any result. Although the matter for decision was which of two options to choose for delivery of the project, the root cause is lack of genuinely affordable and social housing.

Neither of the options and particularly option 2 – if the contractor goes bust so does the project – is really satisfactory because they do not address the high cost of housing and rental brought about by 1980s’ Right-to-Buy.

More than one councillor hit the nail on the head – the need to bring in-house with council housing.

The fact is Rother owns no housing stock. So lectures from the former leader of the council and patronising ‘spades in the ground’ from a scrutiny committee member take us nowhere.

Attempting to pass the buck for 20 years of failure is too transparent for words.

The previous administration should be reminded of that every time they start to pontificate.

I reckon it will take about a year to get things back on track. Maybe hold a meeting to mark the first anniversary of the new council?