Today being the last Friday of the month means of course that it’s Irish Music Night at The Royal Oak. Musicians begin their “jamming style” session from 8.30pm around the bar, admission to this great evening of live music is free so come along to experience this unique Friday night atmosphere.

Boules season begins again in a couple of weeks - last year we had some great games and really fun evenings. If you would like to come and support your local pub team, then the fixture list will soon be available, but matches are held every Wednesday evening.

Quiz nights are still every Thursday evening from 8pm for teams of up to six people, £1 entry.

The Good Companions met at the Village Hall last Wednesday to listen to an excellent talk by Roger Fisher. The title of the talk was “A Single Sentence”; I wonder if anyone guessed what Roger was going to talk about before they came! Well, Roger spoke about his time working for the Prison Service. He was not a Prison Officer but he was employed by the government to find work for the prisoners. He entertained his audience with many anecdotes about the various prisons he had visited. Roger had visited prisons all over the country and he firmly believed that finding work for the prisoners was very important; not only did the prisoners earn money but they were kept occupied by the work they were doing. Thank you Roger for this most interesting talk and thank you Valerie for baking such a delicious lemon drizzle cake!

Do not forget that if you would like to go to “The Chequers” on 22nd May, our next outing I need the completed forms back soon, indicating what food you would like, together with the necessary deposit.

I have now arranged the meetings up until August . On June 26th, The Good Companions have been invited to Jacqueline`s for delicious cream teas; let us hope that the sun shines and we can all sit outside and enjoy the large garden. Our summer luncheon,bring & share meal, will be held on July 24th at the Village Hall and I will be passing around the form for you to fill in what you would like to bring. Finally on August 28th I have arranged for a tour and wine tasting session at Carr Taylor Vineyards in Westfield, followed by tea/cake.

If you would like any information on the Good Companions or any of the outings please do telephone Hilda on 01424 77358