Members of the Village Hall Committee met at the Hall last Thursday for a very successful spring cleaning session, as a result of which the Hall is now even more bright and welcoming. Further refurbishment is planned for later this month. The attractive flyers about the Hall, produced and distributed by Pauline Lyon, have evidently been producing results as several new enquiries and bookings have been coming in.

Jeffrey Bridges writes: Next Sunday, 11th May is the All Age Service at Whatlington church; this is at 10.30am and is followed by light refreshments. Reader Jacqueline Kemp will take this service.

The cost of repairing the recent vandalism damage to our glazed porch doors is to exceed £1,000, due to the complexity of the work. The church will have to find £250 of this to meet the insurance excess. One rather wishes the perpetrators could be made to pay for their mindless damage!

A date for later in May: on Sunday 25th there will be a service of Evensong held at Whatlington at 6pm and followed by light refreshments. This will be in place of the usual 09.30 service and is in response to people’s requests when we planned the re-opening of the church.

Patricia Begg

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