Church News: The service at Whatlington next Sunday will be at 09.30am. The church now has its mechanised Tenor bell operational, the control panel even tells us that we are in St. Mary Magdalene, Whatlington, East Sussex, the device will automatically toll the Tenor for 10 minutes prior to services. It can be manually overridden to toll either faster or slower and even has a funeral setting. The device also has the facility to sound the hours of the day between 08.00 and 9pm, although this is currently not switched in. The two other bells are still able to be rung manually as and when ringers are available.

On Sunday 1st March the church will be holding a Parish Lunch at The Royal Oak in the village, this is for church members and friends, forms are available from either of the wardens (and must be in by Sunday 22nd), whose contact details are on the church notice board.

Patricia Begg

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