Walking Football: Battle Baptists Football Club is looking into the possibility of starting ‘Walking Football’ teams but this will depend on the amount of interest shown.

It would be aimed at, and of help to those aged 50 + who no longer run, for them to get exercise and to enjoy once again playing football and socially being part of a team.

The rules are exactly the same as regular football; the only exception is running will be a ‘Foul’. The teams would be 5 or 6 a side depending on the number attending and the games would be played indoors.

If anyone is interested in participating would they please contact me, Valerie Bennett, Parish Clerk on 772932 or email – whatlingtonpc@eade.uk.com

St Mary Magdalene: Next Sunday, March 1st the church service at Whatlington will be at the usual time of 09.30am.

Patricia Begg

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