Village Hall: The Village Hall Committee held their Annual General Meeting last Wednesday, March 11th, followed by a committee meeting. All present expressed their very best wishes for a speedy recovery for Annette, our Chair, who is currently in hospital. Annual Reports on our activities, finances and bookings were provided, all of which showed that, although there was still a great deal to be done, some excellent progress has been made in the preceding year. Structurally the Hall was somewhat run down but still fit for purpose; works are already scheduled for repairs to the flat roof (at the end of this month) and upgrading of the electrical installations (in mid May). Other refurbishment and redecoration will follow. The Hall is also in a much tidier state following the removal of a large amount of junk that had been left there and the clearing out of various cupboards; it was also thoroughly cleaned last spring and the crockery and cutlery all washed and this will be done again shortly.

Other achievements include the production of some attractive flyers, designed by Pauline Lyon, both to advertise the Hall generally and for use when advertising a particular event; the establishment of a website by Simon Scarboro, which greatly helps any potential clients; and the establishment of a postcode for the Hall, to help everyone to find it.

The Hall’s finances, having been in a state of some confusion a year ago, are now in much better shape and showing a healthy balance. A resolution was passed to enable the Treasurer, Sally Henderson, to deal with the bank account online, which should greatly facilitate matters. The revenue from bookings has increased substantially this year, and there has been steady interest, which in some cases has resulted in new regular or repeat bookings that are very helpful.

Forthcoming event: The Hall and/or its surroundings and contents were used for three very successful events last year: a First World War commemorative event in August; the Village Fête in late August and a very popular Christmas Supper in early December. All three were very well attended. We are now planning a late spring event entitled ‘Whatlington Day’, to be held on May 31st. An informal community picnic is suggested, with other entertainments: details will be announced shortly.

Patricia Begg

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