Village Hall: The Hall Committee met again on April 30th and it was decided inter alia to postpone the Whatlington Day picnic, suggested for May 31st, for another occasion. As some of you will know, we have been two down on the Committee for some weeks, due to serious health issues. I am glad to say that both members are now well on the mend, but inevitably their absence has increased the workload on the other Committee members and there has simply not been time to organise this event to the standard we would wish. However, another exciting event is now being planned for Sunday, July 5th, which may be Whatlington’s answer to Wimbledon! More details will follow shortly!

Meanwhile, back at the Hall, we are very pleased with the recent work on the flat roof, which has been repaired and recovered. The next stage in the refurbishment programme will be a complete overhaul and upgrade to the electrical installations, and this is starting on Monday, May 11th. The Hall will briefly be out of commission during these works, but they should be completed early the following week, and we are looking forward hugely to these improvements.