Parish Council Meeting: Mrs Valerie Bennett, Clerk to the Council, reports: At the recent Annual meeting of the parish council Roger Fisher was elected as Chairman with Tim Underhill, Vice Chairman.

Mrs Jean Scott was co-opted to the vacant councillor position.

The council’s representatives to the Rother Association of Local Councils are Roger and Tim.

The problems with blocked storm water drains along the C293 are still being pursued, as is the siting of the electric sub-station and possible work on the village spring.

The Parish Plan and Emergency Plan were both deferred to the council’s August meeting as more details were needed for the forms.

The council’s 2014-15 accounts have passed the internal audit and will now be forwarded for the external audit.

The next meeting of the parish council is on Thursday, 20th August in the village hall at 7.30pm.

Village Hall: The electrical work at the Hall has now been completed, to the great satisfaction of all. We have waved a fond farewell to the ancient fuse box, and now have a spangly new installation, several smart down lights, and much-needed extra power points in the main body of the Hall. Many thanks indeed to Don Thorne for all his excellent work on this. In the wake of this work, and the earlier work on the roof, we now have Robbie Dalton on site redecorating the Hall: this task should be completed by the time this goes to press. It is already looking good and should give the Hall a new lease of life!

Meanwhile, another fund-raising event is in the pipeline: but please note the change of date. On Saturday, August 8th, we will be hosting an informal, fun Tennis Tournament, for both children and adults. The entrance fee of £15.00 (£5.00 for children) will include an evening barbecue, with strawberries and cream to follow, in true Wimbledon style! Guests will be invited to bring their own alcohol. Anyone who merely wants to watch the tennis and attend the barbecue will of course be equally welcome, at the same price. Please let Sally Henderson know before August 1st if you would like to take part, on sally@the millhouse.eu or 01424 775130. You will then be allocated a local court to play on and given a time. Further details of the workings of the tournament will be announced in due course. A Raffle will also be held, in aid of the Hall refurbishment fund, and prizes will be awarded to the tennis champions! The barbecue, and the finals of the tournament, will be held at Leeford Oast, by kind invitation of Hugh and Lesley Apthorp.

Church News: Jeffrey Bridges writes with two special requests. Firstly, please be aware that there is a tree in the churchyard which has lost a couple of branches already and is due to be felled. Until this takes place, whenever it is windy it would be better to keep away from the churchyard, as the tree might pose a danger to unwary persons walking past. Secondly, and as an ongoing request: please note that under no circumstances should any vehicle attempt to drive up the path to the Church, which is solely for pedestrians. There is no parking space at the top and nowhere to turn round, either! - so any vehicles that ignore our notice and choose to move the obstructing bollard at the bottom (as several do) then encounter great difficulty in getting out. There is ample space for cars in the nearby car park adjacent to the Village Hall.

Next Sunday’s service will be at the usual time of 09.30 am.