PARISH CHURCH NEWS: The service at Whatlington for Palm Sunday will be at 9.15am, looking further ahead into Holy Week we have a service of hymns and readings at 6pm on Good Friday, lasting around 45 minutes, then on Easter Sunday in a change from the usual pattern our service will be a Holy Communion at 10.30am followed by refreshments.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 5:00 am

FILM CLUB: Although The snow and ice had disappeared from the village the Film club at the Royal Oak on Wednesday saw a lot more of icy conditions in this week’s movie offering Wind River.

The film was set in the vast white expanse of wintry Wyoming where the frozen body of a young Native American was discovered by seasoned, weather-beaten game tracker Cory Lambert.

The FBI sent in courageous but inexperienced agent Jane Banner to investigate the potential crime and the ill-matched pair team up to unravel the mystery.

Written and directed by the same person behind the excellent Hell or High Water we watched last year, it was a gripping drama whose many layers melted away like so much snow on a sunny March day.

The film was much enjoyed by the audience at the Royal Oak.

Don’t forget the film club meets every month at the Royal Oak and new members are always welcome - for more information contact Steve Turner: [email protected]