Why is East Sussex County Council considering cutting subsidised meals for the vulnerable?

Subsidies for the meals on wheels service in East Sussex could be removed
Subsidies for the meals on wheels service in East Sussex could be removed

From: Ian Roberts, Watermill Lane, Pett

I understand East Sussex County Council have begun a consultation about the ‘desirability’ of stopping the delivery of subsidised meals to vulnerable people.

Having read the documentation, I note that even if this service is not cut, it will be necessary to cut the £483,000 currently spent on this provision from other East Sussex services.

My assumption is that central government will claim that this is a ‘local issue decided by local people’ but the reality is that cuts would not be necessary if the County Council had sufficient funding.

When the current Prime Minister stood on the steps of Downing Street, I was relieved to hear her speak of a desire to help the ‘only just managing’. I am saddened therefore to conclude that these were just hollow words from a leader of a party that cares far more about preserving and enhancing the wealth of those who ‘are managing perfectly comfortably already’.

I am so tired of reading government propaganda about how well our economy is performing. If this is REALLY true, perhaps the Chancellor of the Exchequer might explain to vulnerable people in East Sussex why their chance of a hot meal delivered by a caring person is in jeopardy at a time when this country has more billionaires than ever before.