Cindi Cogswell

31 Highfords, Icklesham

A Church Cleaning Day is planned for Monday 1st July between 2 and 4 pm at St Thomas’ Church that will entail bringing out the vacuum cleaner brushing away the cobwebs and dusting in those hidden places. If you would like to volunteer and gender and age are immaterial, your help will be much appreciated. You are welcome to contact Sue or Deborah to learn more about the role or just turn up.

An Art Exhibition run by the Hayseland Group has been in process at the Court Hall since Wednesday and is due to finish on Monday 1st July. There is still time to view the paintings and sculpted items and opening hours are between 10am and 5pm.

Look to This Day is a fundraising concert arranged by Robbie Gooders, for St Thomas’ Church and the Pipewell Gate Appeal. The singers, Cantatrice Voices is a 60-strong ladies choir with professionals: Musical Director Zoe Peate and Accompanist Laura Skuce, all from Steyning. Their recent success at the Worthing Music Festival involved winning both of their classes for which they were awarded two trophies. The concert will be held at the Church for 6pm on Friday July 5 and tickets are £10 per person and includes refreshments, from the Post Office or at the door.

Very often it is a passing dog walker who observes the safety of the sheep and lambs in the local fields. One safety issue concerns the lambs especially, escaping through gaps in the fence and straying onto the roads. On such occasions, as there is no phone number available for these incidents, a responsible dog walker will try to assist. This will probably involve the necessity of tying his/her dog to a nearby fence so that it is safely out of the way before endeavouring to coax the lambs back into the field; no easy task and sometimes they find their own way back. A similar occurrence is when a sheep has overturned onto its back due to being ‘top heavy’. In this position it is unable to right itself and will not survive more than a few hours without human intervention. Last week a concerned dog walker left his dog in the hands of other dog walkers to rescue a struggling sheep in a field. He was able to haul her back onto her feet but being unsteady after her ordeal the unfortunate conclusion was that she only survived for a day. Apart from the dog walker wishing he had got there sooner he was in no doubt that he had done right in stopping to help.

Winchelsea Beach

The fortnightly Bingo evening is this Wednesday July 3. You will need to be in the Community Hall at 7pm for 7.30pm.

A temporary alteration is in place for the services at St Richard’s Church on Sunday 7th July, 4th August and 1st September only, to be noted in your diary. On these dates the 3pm Evening Prayer will be replaced by Morning Prayer at the earlier time of 9.15am.