Winchelsea Beach movie fan converts garden shed into own cinema

Joseph Eggleston with daughter Sarah SUS-180102-142234001
Joseph Eggleston with daughter Sarah SUS-180102-142234001

A film enthusiast has turned his garden shed into an Art Deco-style cinema.

Joseph Eggleston, of Winchelsea Beach, spent more than a year converting it into a place where he and his family could watch blockbuster movies, as well as old favourites.

His project involved a lot of research over many months to ensure he bought state-of-the-art projection equipment.

And because the ex-builder’s first name is Joe, he decided to name his creation The Jodeon.

He said: “It took me 14 months to build the cinema. It used to be a garage before becoming a workshop.

“I tried as best I could to make it Art Deco with the budget I had, which was £10,000.

“I completed the building work in time for Christmas. We like to watch movies so decided to create the shed into a cinema. It was great fun choosing the bits and pieces for the project, as well as the screen and camera projectors. I also got several film posters from HMV.”

Joseph, 73, who worked as a builder most of his working life from the age of 17, said the movies he particularly likes to watch are horror films, such as The Saw series.

Other favourites are The Walking Dead series and science fiction shows, such as Star Trek and Star Wars.

The cinema has four seats inside it, enough room for Joseph’s wife Janet, daughter Sarah and other relatives to sit in and enjoy a true cinematic experience.

Janet said: “The screen Joe got came from Germany and he spent months researching to make sure we got the right one. The projector is also very expensive.”

She said they have entered The Jodeon for the annual Shed of the Year competition.

The contest highlights some of the most eccentric and extraordinary sheds in the UK.

Shortlisted entries will feature on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year programme, sponsored by Cuprinol.