Winchelsea Beach village voice

On Sunday 1st July St Richard’s Church will be have a Eucharist service with hymns.

This will be at 3 pm and families and friends are invited to come along.

Last year a request was made by local children in Winchelsea Beach to have a skate park. This followed a similar appeal made by children in Icklesham two years ago.

A meeting was held in Icklesham last year and of the 40 children who attended 38 wanted a skate park. In response to this Icklesham Parish Council has decided to hire a temporary skate park in Icklesham for up to three months during the summer holidays.

IPC suggested that this might be a way of judging whether a permanent one could be set up. However there are no plans to monitor the temporary skate park’s usage.

A quote was eventually accepted for 8 weeks usage at £3,800 which would mean spending £100 per child (of the 38 wanting a skate park in Icklesham) over the summer holidays.

I am sure a good number of children would appreciate a skate park and perhaps children from Winchelsea Beach would use it too; but it does seem rather expensive for such a short period. What do you think? Let me know.

Cindi Cogswell, 31 Highfords, Ickelsham