Winchelsea upholds its unique tradition on Easter Monday

Win tradition
Win tradition

History comes to life at Winchelsea on Easter Monday when the historic town continues its 700 year old tradition of Mayor Making.

The town boasts the last surviving unreformed corporation of England and Wales with records dating back to 1295.

The new Mayor will be appointed at the historic Upper Court Hall, which has hosted the ceremony since 1665.

The Seal of the Corporation is as ancient as the corporate seal of any port. It dates from the early part of the reign of Edward I (1272-1307). The Obverse of the seal shows an ancient ship with a poop and embattled forecastle and the royal arms three lions passant. The translation of the legend is “The seal of the Barons of our Lord the King of England of Winchelsea”. The Counter Seal (lost in the 18th century and recovered in 1907) shows parts of three public buildings of the town. On the left the church of St. Giles and a representation of St. Giles caressing his hind. In the centre a tower, possibly the Town Hall and a warden holding a lantern and representations of the Annunciation and the Virgin Mary.