Woman, 83, dies in hospital after falling at home

AN 83-year-old Brede woman died in hospital following a fall.

Retired market gardener, Joan Young, suffered internal bleeding following a fall at her Chitcombe Road home in June.

But she did not report it to the her GP until the following day, and later died from internal bleeding at the Conquest Hospital, an inquest at Hastings heard this week.

Dr Peter Mirchandani explained that Mrs Young came to him complaining of feeling ill and nauseous.

He wanted to send her to the Conquest but there were no beds available at the time.

He told the inquest: “I was faced with the choice of sending her to wait in A&E until a bed became available or to send her home where she would be notified when a bed was available. I thought this would be more comfortable for her.”

He added: “I was saddened and surprised that she later passed away.”

Mrs Young’s daughter Sheena Griffin, who works at the Conquest, told the GP there was nothing he could have done and that the outcome would have been the same. She said: “I did not even know my mother had had a fall the night before.”

Coroner Alan Craze commented that Mrs Young was known for her independence. He recorded a verdict of accidental death.