Woman rescued in fire drama

FIREFIGHTERS rescued an elderly woman who was trapped in a smoke-filled flat in Battle.

Fire crews raced to Abbey Court in St Martin’s Way yesterday (Thursday June 6) following a 999 call from a concerned neighbour who had seen smoke billowing out of the window.

The occupant, who is believed to be aged in her 90s, has mobility problems and was unable to get out of the property.

Firefighters broke down the door to find the woman had shut herself in the living room.

The smoke had come from a wooden mug tree which had been left on a hotplate in the kitchen.

The woman was checked over by paramedics at the scene, but was not taken to hospital.

Crew commander John Baker, of Battle Fire Station, said: “She did the right thing and managed to close the kitchen door and most of the smoke stayed in the kitchen, although some of it had got into the flat.

“The actions of the neighbour, by making the phone call so rapidly, could have saved it from becoming a much more serious incident.”

He added: “This is a reminder that people need to be aware of using cooking appliances in the kitchen.”

Fire crews from Battle, Bohemia Road and The Ridge fire stations in Hastings were called to the scene at 4pm, and left around an hour and 20 minutes later.

Before leaving, fire crews carried out a home safety visit at the sheltered accommodation.

Anyone interested in having a home safety visit should call 0800 1777069 and leave their details or call in to Battle Fire Station.