1066 Battle deserves UNESCO World heritage recognition

I AM staggered to learn that Rother District Council did not submit 1066 Battle as a prime choice for UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

Only last year the UK Government requested formal nominations from local authorities, which obviously the Conservative-run RDC ignored!

Yet again RDC has shown ineptitude in NOT taking forward a national treasure, on behalf of Sussex, the UK, or the world!

Is it because 1066 Battle is viewed by RDC with envy and thus penalises 1066 Battle at every opportunity?

For so many reasons, as follows - a) 1066 Battle ranks amongst the world heritage ‘cultural’ and b) ‘natural’ criteria; as with the c) historic 1066 Battle scene, d) from which the UK’s historic development into a unified country stemmed, e) a thousand years of defending the realm and from which numerous historic events grew; f) including being a marker post for the development of the English Language.

g) 1066 Battle could also be considered as the basis from which UK democracy was imitated; and which h) GB then took round the world and i) constructed the Commonwealth of Nations.

j) 1066 Battle has a natural and cultural spirit which encompasses and k) typifies many of Sussex’s historic sites, as with typical l) poetry’s ‘green and rolling countryside’, m) a famous Abbey, n) an Almonry and o) windmill of significance, along with many quaint, yet historic houses, plus p) local sites where gunpowder and cannon have been produced over hundreds of years.

Thus 1066 Battle has many world famous attributes which should be recognised as a World Heritage site, on behalf of not only of England, but on behalf of the world.

Thus RDC get your act together, and take forward 1066 Battle as a truly world heritage and historic town!

Russell Calderwood, Saxonwood Road, Battle