A blockhead could solve parking issue

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SO once again Rother wants to increase car parking charges in Battle in order to balance its books.

Yet the answer to their problem is so obvious that even a blockhead (like me) can see it.

It consists of two parts, briefly as follows (easy to follow fuller details on request).

1. Introduce parking charges right along the seafront at Bexhill and a double charge where they have spent millions on supposedly making it look more attractive.

2. Introduce a system in Battle which would enable local residents to park for free, for a limited time. Visitor charges would then not worry us.

Sadly, even a blockhead (like me) knows there are two reasons why neither of these suggestions will even by considered by Rother.

The first reason is because it would displease the residents and tradespeople of Bexhill, and the second is because it would please the residents and tradespeople of Battle.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle