A fairer future lies away from Rother

MAY I add my wholehearted support to the views expressed by so many of your readers letters last week about Rother.

May I add a slightly smug comment, that I did tell you so almost four years ago.

In May 2007 you published my letter complaining about the lack of true representation for the residents of Rother, unless you live in Bexhill, and my opinion that Rother is unlikely to improve.

I proposed then that we should investigate the possibility of Battle dissociating itself somehow from Rother and attach itself, together with our very considerable council taxes, to a district authority who practices the ‘no taxation without representation’ principle.

I did suggest we approach Wealden who may not be perfect but can at least organise car parks and public toilets with minimal fuss.

Whilst on the subject of car parks how many readers noticed the comment in latest ‘Rother Views’ that one of Bexhill’s many strengths is ‘FREE PARKING’, just at the time they are putting up charges in Battle and Rye.

Clearly Rother District Council do not do joined up thinking or diplomacy.

So once more is there interest out there to seek a fairer future, including the good people of Rye should they wish?

Peter Venn

Lower Lake, Battle