A lot could be saved on signs

On the subject of speed limits, I think Highway Maintenance in East Sussex has gone really mad. I often drive from Burwash to Heathfield on the A265. Yes, I congratulate Burwash Weal for finally getting a 40 mph limit through their village but why, oh why have they made so many different speed limit changes? You travel for about half a mile at 40 then up to 50 for 400 yards then down to 40 for the village, out of the village you are at 50 for another short space then delimited for a short space and so on and so on. Why oh why did they not just make the whole speed limit 50 in between the villages? All the money spent on the incredible number of signs could have filled in all the pot holes in East Sussex, I would think.

Jill Copland

Etchingham, East Sussex