A new solution to supermarket wars

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AS its Christmas and the season of goodwill to all men (Oh all right, and women), may I offer a speedy, workable solution to Rye’s woes which should satisfy all parties? (Rye Observer 25/11/11).

Sainsbury’s or Tesco (or even Waitrose) rebuilds the South Undercliff terrace as low-cost, bonded starter homes, then builds a new arts/music annexe in Tillingham Avenue, incorporating the Adelaide, but with car park access via The Grove.

They then get to build their new supermarket on the vacant New Road school site - complete with mini roundabout to ease traffic flow - without tactical blocking of access by Tesco.

Alternatively, they convert the New Road school into a ground floor local supermarket and upper floor arts/music annexe, and build new starter homes in both Tillingham Avenue and South Undercliff.

The Ferry Road level crossing and fire brigade thus remains unimpeded by supermarket traffic congestion, while the historic Ferry Road vista remains essentially unchanged.

So who should get the contract? I really don’t care as I shall be supporting our local family businesses who will be destroyed by the supermarket menace.

Over to the politicians and councillors. Oh dear!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley