A problem with no solution?

I am so glad the recent anonymous fly-poster in Rye with his tirade about parking on pavements in Lion Street, Rye, has now identified himself.

Sympathy is more than well-deserved if one is pushing a pram, or even trying to walk down aided by walking sticks, but regretably Lion Street IS a problem that seems to have no solution.

After all, we keep being told how important shops are to the retail health of the Town, and if you are a Lion Street retailer how do you get your goods delivered or collected?

Their problems haven’t been exactly helped by The George gobbling up its former garage space to add to the Hotel space, and their very frequent deliveries are particularly irksome especially those of large lorries & vans choosing to park right on the very corner of Lion St and the High St, thereby making it extremely tricky emerging on to the High St in a car, with practically all lines of vision blocked.

Unfortunately Mediaeval Towns such as Rye never had the foresight to make double carriageway lanes and roads in anticipation of our 21st Century needs. Would the original pleader wish the whole of the Citadel pedestrianised, - depends where he lives I suppose.

P A Mitchell-Innes, Market St, Rye