A Rye man’s journey of exploration

YOUR columns, and letter pages, have over the last few months, shown on several occasions apparent local dis-satisfaction with Jempson’s and Jempson’s-Budgens, and the ‘great’ desire to have Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s installed in Rye to provide opposition.

I felt the quoted comments of several town councillors joining in the ‘wave of criticism’, did them no credit – nor did the committee vote on the planning application for one of those new supermarkets, where only three councillors voted in favour, but four abstained!

That doesn’t sound like great support for something ‘our town needs’!

As my wife and I had happily shopped at Jempson’s since the far-off days of their original maze of rooms, and some people have so criticised their pricing, I’d been feeling I must be fair and compare, so, needing to go to Hastings, I also visited Sainsbury’s, equipped with a list (yes, on a small clipboard) of many everyday items I purchase steadily, and noted thereon the prices of all I found.

Studying those notes back home, out of 35 items, yes, 10 of them were cheaper at Sainsbury’s, another six were identical, but for 19 items, Jempson’s recent prices were lower!

Oh yes, 26 miles of petrol used if I’d gone only to Sainsbury’s and back, but seven miles of petrol to Peasmarsh and back...and the petrol here is cheaper also...pump prices, that is, not only through coupon reductions.

I also wonder at the value of the friendly atmosphere and open helpfulness locally?

Very important to my wife and myself over these great many years, but sadly not found amongst the rush and bustle over there on my journey of exploration.

Alan Bolden

Jarretts Close, Rye