A21 should be a 21st century highway

NOW that there is a new Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, (albeit out of the treasury!) it is time to raise our game on the nonsense called the A21 trunk road.

Greg Barker, MP for Battle and Bexhill and Minister for the Environment, seems indolent about the time waste, the deaths, injuries and damage caused by this grossly inadequate road.

And yet each time I travel to and from the M25, I see the lay-bys filled with lorries and cars, doing what? Yes, drivers resting.

On the more important roads even in our nearest neighbouring nation, France, there are comfort stops with wash and lavatory provision, but here in the UK where the traffic is vastly more intense, what do we have?

We have lay-by after lay-by with virtually nothing, but overflowing litter bins and confused, uncomfortable travellers.

On this road, under the auspices of the Highway Authority, there are virtually no filling stations and conveniences - and the nearest one to Mountfield charges 30p per visit - a great cheek having spent over £70 on fuel and oil.

So what do tourists and truck drivers do to relieve themselves?

I have seen a family of five, out of a foreign registered car, disappearing into the undergrowth to relieve their feelings.

So in one of the most regulated countries in the world, where environmental, health and safety legislation is overwhelming, we allow the sides of roads to be used as an unregulated lavatory.

This is a total nonsense and one that we must not tolerate.

It is hard enough for our visitors to find comfort in our tourist towns without adding this extra insult.

So can we please lobby our MPs and county councillors to get some spirit and determination into getting an upgraded A21 into the priority list for investment?

Despite the recession, this country is still very rich. So no more of the “we have no money” routine please.

But surely to goodness we can drag the A21 - and other strategic roads in the county - out of the middle ages and plan for proper hygiene on these key corridors?

Richard Tilden Smith

Church Cottages