Action for Brain Injury week

Hot on the heels of our awareness week – Vocal About Viral – showing the impact viral meningitis can have on sufferers and their families, come three other weeks, all of which help to demonstrate the devastating after-effects of meningitis.

Action for Brain Injury Week runs from 12 to 18 May. Meningitis and septicaemia can cause acquired brain injury – injury to the brain that happens after birth. The week aims to educate people on the effects of acquired brain injury and increase support for people and their families who live with the condition.

Then, 18 to 25 May is National Epilepsy Week. A small but significant number of people who contract meningitis will be left with epilepsy. Children and adolescents who have experienced Meningitis B are six times more likely to develop epilepsy than children who haven’t had the disease.

Finally, it’s Deaf Awareness Week between 19 and 25 May. Hearing loss is the most common after-effect of meningitis.

Despite recent good news on a Meningitis B vaccine, this disease still wrecks lives every day. At Meningitis Now we’re determined to fight it on all levels – through funding vital vaccine research, raising awareness so people know the signs and symptoms and supporting those struggling with the effects of the disease.

Help us raise awareness of the impact meningitis is having in your community and funds to change for the better the lives of those who have suffered it. Find out how at

Sue Davie

Chief Executive, Meningitis Now