Action needed on North Trade Road

I AM replying to the article ‘No plans for a parking review on North Trade Road’.

First, speeding along North Trade Road - there is calming along the road to slow vehicles down. Also opposite Wellington Gardens there is a space between the yellow lines for two cars to park. This should slow the cars down.

Cars will speed even if measures are in place. We are not talking about the whole of North Trade Road, we are talking about the road from the police station to the rec, both sides of the road, where it is very narrow and very dangerous. People will speed along the road at night more than the day.

As for parking problems, they are not because of a shortage of parking it is because they do not want to pay for parking. They not only park outside the police station but further up as well making it dangerous for cars coming out of Saxon Road. They are parking opposite the calming measures. They cause, on many occasions, the traffic to stop. No emergency vehicles can get through. I have seen this happen nearly every day. This is putting lives at risk. Cars, lorries and buses are having to mount the pavement to get through and to prevent road accidents. This is then putting pedestrians’ lives at risk. My daughter, who is disabled and cannot move very well, was nearly hit by a bus a few weeks ago. I was told when parking interferes with the flow of the traffic, thus putting lives at risk of injury or death, it then becomes an offence.

Now they have stopped lorries going through the High Street to the bypass it has put more pressure along North Trade Road. It is not about delays along the road - lets be honest it is what we are used to. It is about pedestrians’ safety. If they can provide cameras for their workmen, which is fantastic, they can provide protection for the pedestrian.

The children have gone back to school, which means lots of children walking to both schools. Also the courses at the youth club will start which means more parking along the road. You cannot put a price on life and the lines along this part of the road should be extended. And seeing as Rother Council have made a lot of money out of our car parks with the money going to do Bexhill up and seeing that Bexhill now have a free car park we should have a free car park or the parking fees reduced, if only in one car park.

If any of my children get hurt because of the parking I will not only sue the driver that hurts my child I will also sue the owner of the parked car that led to the accident, as well as Highways.

Yvonne Clarke

Wellington Gardens