All electoral systems are unfair to someone

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley, Rye

Duncan Lee should be careful in demanding proportional representation (PR) (December 7), rejected in 2011 (68% No).

All electoral systems are ‘unfair’ to someone.

While PR gives voice to the silent majority, anti-EU UKIP support all but wiped out pro-EU Lib-Dems support at the European elections. Tony Blair (Labour) sought PR for Scotland to keep the SNP out of office ... they are now very firmly in office.

Most of the EU’s unstable governments are dysfunctional PR coalitions: Belgium was leaderless for 541 days, then Holland (300+) and Germany (150+), while Italy changes government at full moons.

That these nations ran ‘normally’ without government, supports the Lib-Dem fantasy that democratic national governments are no longer necessary in their ‘EUtopia’.

As to Duncan’s playful statistics; 80% turnout was normal pre-war, today 65% - ie. 35% don’t vote, not because of ‘the system’, but because politicians don’t listen.

The Brexit ‘Peoples Voice’ was won fairly on a huge 73% turnout, yet pro-EU politicians (and the BBC) contemptuously ignore it.

Unfortunately, Stephen Jackson confuses reasonable intellectual property rights (allowing inventors, say, to exclusively profit from their inventiveness and labour for a fixed period) with protectionism (unreasonable artificial barriers to competitive free trade for indefinite periods; eg. 30 per cent EU import duties (taxes) levied on poor consumers seeking cheaper, imported food).