Alliance ‘hot air’ will penalise ratepayers

THE news that the anti-Link Road protesters are seeking leave for a judicial review of the Bexhill Link Road funding is little short of scandalous - and the poor old rate payers of East Sussex are now set to reap the benefits of tens of thousands of costs for the challenge and the local inhabitants seeking relief from the heavy traffic on the A259, the job seekers and those likely to invest millions to the benefit of Hastings and Bexhill will now have a further extended wait until this vital project is cleared to proceed.

What is the Hastings Alliance trying to achieve? All the main approvals have been obtained quite legitimately and there will be no going back to the drawing board.

This is no ‘vanity’ scheme as claimed by the Alliance. The county council has had to prove the investment benefits and this continual carping by the Alliance is just what the Treasury wants - an excuse to save money.

At best a delay by the Alliance. At worst a strangling of critical investment.

So come on Alliance. You have had more than your say. All you will do now is raise a lot of very expensive hot air.

Just get real and start constructive support of this heavily deprived coastal strip.

We cannot keep aspiring to third world status forever.

Richard Tilden Smith