Allotment money should go to Rye

The question posed to your readers (article re Allotment Rent Fury – 15.3.13) seems wrongly directed. It is not a matter of increased rentals paying for other services but whether the rentals paid should flow to Rye and not to Rother District Council.

At the time of the changes to Local Government Rye Town decided to voluntarily convey the allotment lands to Rother, which accepted them as such. Being protected allotments by virtue of the fact Rye bought the lands in the 19th century with the express purpose of laying out as allotments, it is not open to Rother to deny their character. The importance of that legal character is they are protected by law as is confirmed by the Allotments Act 1925. No land so held can be sold off without the prior sanction of the (then) Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries and then only if suitable alterative land is made available to replace it- (section 8).

Evidence from Rother was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. I understand copies of the FOI information were given to Rye Council last year but it would appear no demand has been made for the return of the allotment lands even though Rother would have no grounds for its retention.

Perhaps your offer to readers should be rephrased to “do you agree your Town Council should be required to pursue the return of the remaining allotment lands to Rye”.

Archie White, 39 Stand Court, Rye