Amber is right on tuition fee increase

In your leader column you state that Amber Rudd was merely toeing the party line by voting for the tuition fee increase.

Has it occurred to you that she may think it the right thing to do, as I do. I came to Britain in 1955 to study engineering, having grown up in Argentina.

As such, I did not qualify for free university education or for a scholarship and my parents could not afford to send me to university.

I therefore opted to do an engineering apprenticeship in the aircraft industry, working 44 hours a week on the shop floor and going to college at night.

We only had two weeks holiday a year in those days. If I had the same opportunity today to go to university under the new system I would jump for it.

Apart from my board and lodging my parents would not have the burden of tuition fees, which they could not afford. I welcome the new system and would recommend it to all.

Jeremy Taylor

Mill Corner, Northiam.