Anger at car smash hit and run

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Thank you so much to the man who hit my red Ford Fiesta, parked outside the Beauty Room/The Fitness Room on Winchelsea Road, Rye, for driving away without leaving your contact details.

I understand, from witnesses, the accident happened at approximately 4pm on Friday 13 May and involved a BMW.

This has done considerable damage to my car and must have damaged yours as I have quite a lot of red plastic from your rear lights, some landing on the roof of my car!

Thanks to you I not only have the usual issues involved with accidents but it will also cost me to repair my vehicle which is absolutely essential for my work.

If you do have a conscience please contact the Police on 08456070999 quoting reference 1815 13/5/11. Or if anyone else saw the accident and has the registration number of the BMW please let the Police know.

Name supplied

Winchelsea Beach