Answers to John’s gypsy questions

IN ANSWER to questions from John Hill (‘Questions to be asked over gypsies’, Observer Letters, August 3).

1. We own the property and land.

2. The gas and electricity was connected at our own expense, paid for by us to EDF Energy and South East Water.

3. We have got a treatment plant provided by ourselves, approved by the Environment Agency, for all sanitation.

4. We are National Health patients and our child is entitled to schooling.

5. Henry is a full time carer for his autistic daughter. I am retired.

6. We do pay Council Tax and other taxes.

7. We have paid for our own legal fees and we have paid for our own planning applications to go in, the same as anybody else.

I hope this puts people’s minds at rest that we are self-sufficient.

L Smith

Beeches Brook, Telham Lane, Battle